Chigo 1 Ton AC

  • 12,000 BTU/HR
  • Coverage 100-120 sq ft
  • R410a
  • Ghost Display
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৳ 26,500

Product Description

Type of UnitMidwall Split Inverter
Rated volt and frequencyPh-V-Hz220-240/50
CoolingCooling capacityW3200 (1600 ~ 3950)
Cooling power inputW1040 (450 ~ 1400)
Heating current inputA4.7 (2.1 ~6.9)
HeatingHeating capacityW3500 (1550 ~ 4250)
Heating power inputW1020 (370 ~ 1270)
Heating current InputA4.5 (1.7 ~ 6.2)
Max. input consumptionW1750
Max. currentA8
Type (Rotary Piston)Rotary
IndoorFan MotorModelYDK-16-4 9
Power inputW40
Indoor Fan Speed RPMr/min1250/1100/850
Indoor Fan Dia x Lenghtmm92 x 593
Indoor air circulationm³/h600
Indoor noise sound pressure leveldB(A)30~42
Dimension (L x W x H)mm780 x 276 x 202
Packing (L x W x H)mm960 x 367 x 305
Net/Gross weightKg10/12
OutdoorFan MotorModelD-280-25-8A/280-315
Power InputW25
Outdoor Fan Speed RPMr/min850
Outdoor FanDia x Highmm408 x 134
Tube pitch x row pitch x Finmm21**1.4
Fin typemmOpen window hydrophilic fin
Tube outside dia and typemmØ9.52 Internal thread tube
Coil length  x height x widthmm657 x 500 x 22
Noise LeveldB/(A)53
Dimension (L x W x D)mm715 x 235 x 540
Packing (L x W x H)mm851 x 335 x 600
Net/Gross weightKg27/29
Refrigerant  Type /weightgR410a/940g
Design pressure (Hi/Low)MPa4.2/1.2
Refrigerant PipingLiquid side/Gas side/Lengthmm6.35/9.52/3000 (1/4″+3/8″)
Max difference in levelm15/5

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