Gree 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner GS30CZ

Brand Gree
Color White
Type Split
What’s in the Box Digital with remote
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1000 x 790 x 427 mm
Power Supply 220 – 240 Volts / 50 Hz
Compressor Type Piston
Number of Compressor 1
Refrigerant R22
Features Cool only

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৳ 85,000

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Pentanik TV Price in Bangladesh

Product Description

 Split Type Air Conditioner best price in Bangladesh.


  • Multi Fan Speeds.
  • 30000 BTU.
  • Wide Angel Louvers.
  • Air Flow direction Control.
  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode.
  • Quite Design and Anti-Cool wind.
  • Five (5) Years Compressor And One (1) Year Parts and service warranty.

Detail Specification of Gree 2.5 ton GS-30CZ Split Type Air Conditioner

Technical Detail specifications: Gree 2.5 ton GS-30CZ Split Type Air Conditioner
Model Number: (International)
Air Conditioner Type
Automatic Operation
Capacity of COOLING
30000 BTU
Power Type/Voltage/Phase
Input Power Consumption
Country of Origin
Air Flow (m3 /h)
Refrigerant Type
Noise Calculations (dB)
Indoor Unit
≤ 38
Outdoor unit
≤ 56
Total Weight           Net/Gross (Kg)
Indoor Unit
24 kg
Outdoor Unit
105 kg
Packing Dimensions    L X W X H (mm)
Indoor unit
1178/326/227 mm
Outdoor Unit
1018/840/412 mm
Operating current


Gree 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner GS30CZ
Gree 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner GS30CZ


Gree 2.5 ton GS-30CZ Split Type Air Conditioner Different relaxed resting ways allow you to have a sound rest without losing moisture from the skin, keeping the human body fresh. After resting research on the regards between rest and the change of beat of human whole body, we set up a resting temperature-time data source. Under this mode according to the set model before resting, microcomputer of the air refresher most judges instantly and advice the product to run according to the present temperature-time data source. Golden Fin Condenser is made with anti-corrosion design and better hydrophobic covering ensuring a long lifestyle of the ac. Being built with a special anti-rust gold covering on the metal bout, it helps to ensure that the condenser area is always totally without any deterioration and the AC works like new. Gree 2.5 ton GS-30CZ Split Type Air Conditioner also helps to ensure that the outer lining area is always deterioration 100 % free thereby giving a long lifestyle to the AC. The wireless remote operator has a indicator that enables it to sense the heat range of the surrounding and sends the felt heat range information to the inside device. The inside device acts accordingly providing a relaxed internal atmosphere. Brilliant heat range control presents a more precise and comfortable atmosphere and saves more power.


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