BDIX SERVER : BDIX Bangladesh internet service Exchange

The full form of BDIX SERVER is Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange or Bangladesh Internet Exchange for quick. Guess you’re ISP or your internet service provider holds at most undersized 1 FTP garcon. 

No subject how speedy you carry a net connection from this garcon, you can download strings from that garcon at a veritably quick swiftness. Nowadays, all the elevated class ISPs or primary ISPs of Bangladesh contain completed BDIX in this method. In other words, suppose 100 ISPs of Bangladesh have created BDIX SERVER. 

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If your ISP has BDIX SERVER supported, also you can download from BDIX garcon, which means you can download those 100 ISPs from FTP waiters at high speed.

At present, all ISPs in the country have the installation of BDIX garcon. BDIX Garcon is to make the FTP garcon of every single ISP of the land available to all the broadband druggies of the country. 

This means you can use Link3’s FTP garcon without being a Link3 stoner. Still, some ISPs have BDIX external waiters, which are in an exclusive format. Remember, FTP garcon is much better than alluvium. 

Because if you want to download commodities from native alluvium but don’t have the seed, you won’t get any speed. But if you’re going to download things from FTP garcon, Seed/ Bloodsucker, don’t have a headache with these.

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BDIX is the first IXP or Internet Exchange Point in our country. It was established in 2004. Its main purpose is to connect the members physically by routing the original internet business through BDIX. 

Presently, more than 110 companies, including ISPs, mobile drivers and content providers, are using BDIX gaping? And like NIX, BDIX SERVER is an anon-profit association.

For ordinary broadband druggies like us, BDIX means FTP garcon match! Old and new pictures, songs, Television series, software, games, etc., can all be downloaded from BDIX’s waiters, 

but again at an important faster speed! BDIX is a system that connects these FTP Waiters. This means that the FTP waiters are connected through BDIX SERVER. 

As a result, a stoner can fluently download lines at high speed from one country area to another FTP Garcon through BDIX.

What’s BDIX SERVER Hosting?

Whats BDIX SERVER Hosting

The web garcon connected to this Internet exchange point is BDIX SERVER Hosting. The principal benefit of BDIX hosting is that the fate hosted on this garcon will stand seen by grid druggies in Bangladesh 200 times speedy. 

One of the reasons for this is that when Bangladeshi druggies visit any point on the BDIX SERVER network, they will see it directly without going beyond global routing. In other words, BDIX Hosting’s website will be suitable to browse the website briskly indeed with a slow internet connection.

What is the difference between a BDIX FTP garcon and a hosting company’s hosting?

BDIX FTP servers are normally set up by multicolour Internet service providers for their visitors in their seats so that they can nattily download vastly used software, new pictures, frolics, etc., from that garcon. Also, it’s attainable to download strings from this FTP garcon at increased speed without the hassle of global routing.

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On the other writing, when the internet relation of a database is connected to or connected to this dialogue matter, the garcon or hosting of that datacenter is anointed BDIX hosting. So that is BDIX FTP garcon for march deals. And BDIX hosting is employed to host websites.

In what cases will I use BDIX SERVER hosting?

Can use BDIX hosting for any website whose original Bangladeshi business is targeted, and it’s better to do it.

Does CDN need to be used in BDIX SERVER? Like Cloud Flare?

BDIX Hosting doesn’t presently bear any CDNs similar to Cloud flare. CDN is generally used in performance issues to help new routing. Since BDIX SERVER doesn’t have redundant routing, it delivers high implementation without CDN. In other expressions, BDIX itself is a class of CDN, so it accomplishes endures any CDN to lessen idleness.

Are BDIX Hosting data centres as good as developed countries?

Affirmative, Tier-III, and Tier-IV ordering datacenters formerly existed in Dhaka, Gazipur, and Jessore and Chittagong provinces of Bangladesh, which sustain transnational examples. Moreover, stockpile waitpeople of big businesses like Google, Facebook, and Cloud Floret. are also held in these Bangladeshi datacenters.

What are the disadvantages of BDIX SERVER Hosting?

1/ BDIX Hosting shouldn’t be used on encyclopedically targeted spots. Because just like USA’s garcon quiescence is advanced in Bangladesh, BDIX garcon and USA will have better idleness.

2/ Utilizing Cloud Flare complementary understanding in BDIX stalls down because Cloud Flyer free performance isn’t delivering you full CDN service. It’s furnishing deputy service, whether it’s first for their deputy garcon and quiescence of BDIX garcon also some problem is slow again. So you do not get BDIX SERVER speed.

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3/ Some ISPs occasionally block outward BDIX webs to boost AdSense profit in their FTP, or due to BDIX config error, there’s a problem of quick visits from numerous ISPs, although they’ve to fix it. Cannot keep this problem from long.

What are the benefits of BDIX Hosting?

  1. Bravery for native targeted spots.
  2. Since the quiescence is low, and routing is veritably presto.
  3. Every internet provider, very mobile drivers and BDIX SERVER have repetitious bandwidth speed, matching as International 30 Mbps and BDIX up to 1 GBPS. That is why point content loads presto veritably. At the moment, the point is in front of you. 

BDIX is the leading internet exchange in Bangladesh. This internet exchange was born because the country’s traffic is routing through the country. 

And those connected to this network can quickly exchange data with each other. And the server connected to this network is BDIX hosting.

Every day the country is also hosting many content and websites targeting local visitors. BDIX SERVER Connected Hosting is a boon for those sites where most of the mark audience exists from Bangladesh. 

When Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX web SERVER, it intention live connection to the waitperson in 1-3 Ms The website will crowd fast in the browser. So it purposes feel like browsing on your PC.

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