Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Binge TV Box Description & Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh will be discussed in our today’s episode. Many of you are looking for TV Box, they can read our post. Hope you don’t have any more questions about Binge TV Box.

Once, the audience used to watch television on national broadcast channels that the government of a country only provided. After that, Satellite channels took place broadly and enhanced the entertainment with Binge TV Box for the audiences. Later, with the wide range of internet facilities,

it’s changed the conventional system of watching television channels by various software and devices. Binge is one of them. It is the devices that connect a list of many tv channels like local and international.

After launching in Bangladesh, day by day, it’s becoming very popular among the people who like to watch their desired television channels. Also, besides tv channels, it provides so many digital platforms where the audience can select their favorite programs and television channels.

Binge Android TV Box

You can use Binge Android TV Box like a mobile phone. Truly, Binge provides seamless entertainment without any advertisement, which is a headache for users who like to watch tv programs that accept advertising. User can watch as much as want, whenever they want without any commercial. There is something new in this Android tv Box which is unique and much comfortable who wish to enjoy Streaming Movies, Dramas, Web Series, Youtube, Live TV, Google Play, whatever.

If your tv has no smart android operating system, then turn your television into smart by Binge. Dongle merges two devices in single output and provides seamless unlimited restless service without any commercial. Local and international video contents, even live tv, made this device more exciting for the user who is looking for an all-in-one.

Binge Specification & Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Binge is an OTT ( Over The Top ) platform for online video streaming. Limitless entertainment in exclusive originals, films, dramas, movies, web series, live tv, and much more. With the touch of it, turn your smart TV with a single device.

It is a certified google device which is Android Operating system OS, Ram 1GB, Rom 8GB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Android version 9.0, and Remote voice assistance.

Features of Binge TV Box

You can watch more than 150 tv channels and 110 plus channels free to watch on Binge. More than Three thousand contents and originals are available. Convert non android tv into an android by Binge for both small and big screens—Chromecast built-in technology for selected and displays.

Binge TV Box Subscription Price in Bangladesh

Binge subscriptions are divided into three stages, monthly, weekly, and daily. Premium users can enjoy 30 days of free subscription for large screens, and small screen users can enjoy a seven-day subscription free. After that, users have to subscribe to monthly, weekly, or daily subscription packs. 10 taka daily, 30 taka weekly, and 90 taka is the price for the monthly subscription. Price includes VAT and surcharge.

Binge Android App

The setup box user can enjoy the widest entertainment catalogs, including TV channels, which would be local and international, a list of web series, latest movies on Netflix, exclusive originals, and web films. User can customize their watch list that which program they like to watch whenever they want. Cause Binge has no commercial advertisement to interrupt the audiences while watching a favorite program. Almost all kind of content is available on it like a thriller, drama, comedy, romance, action and so more.

Nowadays, people like to watch what they want. In the past, National channels were the only way of watching television; the time has changed. Audiences taste of watching program and movie dramas everything is changed. Binge is the first Bangladeshi first online video streaming service and, of course, google certified. A revolutionary device that keeps its footmark on the online streaming platform with a large number of contents for Genex Infosys developed Bangladesh.

Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh

Now let’s talk about the price of this TV. In the current market, this Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh at BDT 3,750. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

I think this Binge Android TV Box is very good. Since I have used this Binge Android TV Box for a long time, I can tell you from that place that this TV box will be very good for you.

Comparing Binge TV Box Price in Bangladesh, the specification is much better than the price of this TV.

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