Chigo AC

-৳ 4,500
Chigo 2 Ton AC
৳ 46,000
-৳ 18,000
Chigo 4 Ton AC
৳ 97,000
-৳ 15,000
Chigo 5 Ton AC
৳ 110,000
-৳ 10,000
Chigo 4 Ton Ceiling AC
৳ 120,000

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Chigo Ac in Bangladesh from

Chigo is one of the world-famous brands for Air Conditioner. It is also famous for Refrigerator,   Electric Appliances, and Washing Machine and others. Chigo AC is one of the best product of Chigo Brand.

The growth of the brand is expanding widely. Especially in Bangladesh, Its expansion is noticeable. Chigo is occupying the Bangladeshi market. Even this brand is suppressing all others existed leading bands of Bangladesh. 

Some reasons why this brand is going to be popular in Bangladesh

Chigo AC is used for both personal and professional uses. These are perfect for covering bulk spaces. The features of the AC are extraordinary than other brands like

Pentanik, Midea, General, Gree, Hitachi

. The chigo produces different types, size, and style Ac. There is much reason why this brand is going to be popular in Bangladesh rapidly.

How AC remove the odor

Effectively remove damp air and musty odor. There are many air conditions which smell. That is why the user is worried about the bad odor of the AC. Basically, the odor comes from the clogged drain pan and condensation ion the refrigerator coils.

But all the air condition is not designed with the same features. Chigo AC has been designed so that in such a way that it can remove the damp air effectively, as a result, there has no possibility of odor. In comparison to other Ac, the Chigo AC is odorless.

Air Swing System Multi

Air swing is one of the most eco-friendly features of the Chigo AC. It saves people from feeling cold directly. Without air swing, there may have the possibility of feeling direly hot or cold. Because of having these features in the Chigo AC, People feel comfortable to use this. It provides super ventilation system.

Removable/washable Air Filter included

The air filter is used for the Air purification. It is one of the most important features of Chigo AC. It can trap the micro dust from the air. Even this device helps to catch metal particle, gas, and others. But the user has to wash after a definite period otherwise this is clogged. The Chigo AC consists of a washable air filter. It provides better opportunities for its user. On the other hand, there are many AC which contains the Air filter which is not washable. The possibility is less to be clogged with dirt the washable air filter.

Negative air ions deodorizing filter

This is one of the most effective features of AC. Negative air ions help purify the air. Air contains normally pollen, dander and mold spore. On the backdrop of Bangladesh, dust makes the breathing problem especially for the kids and the old. Negative air ion filters the air from all negative aspect of the air. Even these features help to kills germ and airborne bacteria.

Compact & Smart Shape

Chigo Ac is not bulk with its shape and size. Rather the shape and design is compact compared to all other banal AC. Because of this compact size, it is perfect for room and office. It is both effective and out looking is also smart. It takes small spaces. The man who wants to use the AC for their commercial space, this compact size AC is their best choice.

Timer / Auto Operation

Among all other outstanding features, Timer is one used in AC. It is used for the switch on and off according to one’s requirements. If you want to turn off after three hours, you can set this timer. When you set this time, it will start the count down from 180 min. When it will come to 0, it will stop its operation automatically. The Chigo AC has included this time. As the temperature of Bangladeshi weather is not stable, the auto operation provides the ultimate benefit to the user.

Energy Efficient

AC takes more energy. After the end of Month, the AC user has to pay a standard amount electric bill. Chico AC takes less energy. That why It is preferable to the user. Because of having different types of ultra modern features in the Chico AC, It does not deserve more energy.

Intelligent Defrost

Intelligent defrost also used to save energy by reducing the run time of the compressor. It also controls unit fans and superheats. Intelligent defrost controls the multiple parts of AC. This feature does not contain the chef AC. Basically; high-quality AC contains these features. Chigo AC is also outstanding because of its extraordinary features.

Cold Air Protection

When summer is end and winter comes, cold air enters our room. The temperature of cold is increased gradually. Keep our room balanced tempered is the main issue of us. Chigo AC has cold air protected features. So this Ac is quite effective for both winter and summer.

Easy to clean panel

The chigo AC is easy to clean panel. Unlike all other AC, it is easy to clean. Even a non-professional user can clean this type of AC in no time. So Chigo AC is the choice of the homeowner especially.

Inner grooved copper Tubes

Inner-grooved copper tubes fulfill the diverse needs of the users. Chigo ensures the high quality and energy efficiency copper tubes so the durability of these AC is high. This is one of the major parts of AC. Most of the common brand does not provide the long-lasting copper tubes as a result; the user has to change within a short period. But the inner grooved copper tubes of Chigo are long-lasting and perfect.

Final word

People of Bangladesh have a trend to Chigo Ac in Bangladesh. The rate of the user is increasing dramatically. The brand provides different shape and powered AC. The functionality of these AC is extraordinary.

Unlike all other banal Ac of Bangladesh, its functionality is satisfactory. This brand is suppressing all another brand of Bangladesh by virtue of its quality. Especially, it is including the latest features with its product.

Among all other features, its energy-efficient feature is quite effective for Bangladesh. Besides, Negative air ions deodorizing filter is appropriate for Bangladeshi weather. It controls dust, debris, and tiny particles from the air. The Air purification system helps one to lead allergy-free life.