JVCO 43 Inch Basic LED Television

Includes Remote
Stereo Speaker Integrated speakers (Bottom side)
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Product Description

JVCO has come up with a JVCO 43 Inch Basic LED Television which is based on Android smart technology. This gives you a full HD TV resolution and an immersive multimedia experience. The sleek design and ultra-thin profile of the JVCO 43 inch LED TV will complement any home d├ęcor.

Features JVCO 43 Inch Basic LED Television

Screen Size 43 Inch
Panel Flat
Resolution 1366x 768p Full HD
Technology Smart LED
3D Technology 2D
Response Time 5 ms
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Contrast 10000:1
Brightness Live Color
TV Tuner Digital and Analog
Sound Front Stereo Speaker
Connectivity HDMI, USB, VGA, LAN, WiFi
Remote Yes
Product Warranty

This product china 2018 television comes with 1 year display / panel guarantee, 1 year spare parts guarantee, 5 years service warranty.

JVCO 43 Inch Basic LED Television price in Bangladesh.

This 43-inch JVCO LED TV is a basic model that delivers good image quality and smart features for the price. The resolution is full HD, so you can enjoy clear pictures and vibrant colors. It also has android technology, so you can access your favorite apps and streaming content without having to use a separate device.

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