Walton TV – WD1-DT24-RL150 | Walton tv 24 inch price in Bangladesh

Warranty Information:

– TV Replacement Guarantee : 6 months (Condition Applicable)
– LED Panel: 2 Years
– Spare Parts: 2 Years
– Free Service: 5 Years

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৳ 12,000

Product Description

Walton TV 24 inch led tv Specification:

Dispaly :
Screen size 610mm
Aspect ratio 16:9, 4:3
Resolution 1366 x 768
Viewing angle H 178℃ / V 178℃
Contrast 1200:1
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Response time 8.5 ms
Backlight type DLED
Display device LCD
Dynamic backlight adjust YES
Picture :
Comb Filter 3D
Noise Reduction Standard
Picture Improvement CTI/ LTI
De- Interlace 3D
Weak signal Enhancement Yes
Input & Output Ports :
HDMI IN (Version: 1.3 / 1.4) 1
USB 2.0 1
AV input 1
AV output
PC Audio IN Yes
Head phone out Yes
TV System :
Video system PAL/ NTSC
Sound system BG/ DK/ I
Receive Channel 199
USB Play :
Video .avi , .mp4 , .ts , .mkv , .mov , .dat (MP2)
Audio .mp3, .wma , .m4a , .aac
Image .jpg, .bmp, .png
Text Notepad Text (upto 1mb)
Audio :
Audio output 2 x 5W
Speaker position Bottom
Sound Effect Stereo, Surround sound
Audio Characteristics
Accessory :
Power cable Yes
User manual Yes
Remote control Battery Yes
Remote control Yes
Dimensions & Weight :
TV without Stand (L × W × H) 565mm × 48mm × 346mm
TV with Stand (L × W × H) 565mm × 155mm × 385mm
TV Shipping diemensions (L × W × H) 600mm × 445mm × 140mm
TV without Stand Weight 3.2Kg
TV with Stand Weight 3.28Kg
TV Shipping Weight 4.6Kg
Warranty :
Product warranty 2 years
Power :
Power supply 110 – 240 VAC
Standby power consumption <0.5w
Maximum power consumption 40W



Walton TV - WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | Walton tv 24 inch price in bangladesh
Walton WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | Walton 24 inch tv price in bangladesh
Walton WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | Walton tv 24 inch price in bangladesh
Walton TV – WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | 24 inch TV price in bangladesh
Walton WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | Walton tv 24 inch price in Bangladesh
Walton WD1-DT24-RL150 (610mm) | 24 inch price in bangladesh

ওয়াল্টনের অন্যান্য ২৪ ইঞ্ছি  টিভি দেখতে চাইলে এখানে ক্লিক করুনঃ Walton 24 inch led tv price in Bangladesh


Walton is the curtains transnational electrical, electronics products, motorcars, and other products brand with one of the world’s large, well-implemented installations. He totted out its effect through particular adornments under the emblem of the Walton group. 

At this moment, Walton has a pool of rather than 30000 in 22 product bases under 700 acres of plant area. 

The capacity of the monthly product is 10 million units grounded on the request demands. 

Walton is the hulk-qualified producer in the suitable persistence and has hulked high humor in terms of its bubbling adequacy for generating Electrical and Electronics products in the most antagonistic way in the attitude of aspect, expense, art, and creativity.

Walton Smart TV price in Bangladesh

Walton Smart TVs have made some incredible evolution since they preliminarily hit the request over ten times ahead. Essentially all new TVs obtainable now have marks of a wise Television. 

In this variation to regular TVs, smart TVs can affiliate with a Wi-Fi association, permitting them to act as a distinct PC, which all match the brilliant android TV price in Bangladesh

The abounding details particularity use intense TVs is to remove record-keeping and other on- request satisfaction through effluence stages like Netflix. Yet, these TVs are also decorated for doing mainly more. 

These appearances should be kept in mind while browsing Smart LED Television in Bangladesh.

Walton W32F110 (813mm) 32 inch LED TV

 Screen size: 813mm

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Viewing angle: H 1780 / V 1780

Delicate textures, exquisite detail See natural textures in the mountainside and sharper, more defined gemstone conformations. 

Image noise is reduced, and discrepancy bettered for added depth, segment, and literalism.

Even if it’s a movie sound stripe or a music videotape, you’ll appreciate a more equitable depth, highs, and lows gratitude to Clear Phase automation. 

It OK tunes your Television speakers’ frequencies response to ensure precise yet natural sound. 

Enjoy your entertainment without any dislocation. This Television with X-Protection PRO is exceptionally durable and defended from dust, moisture, power surges, and lightning strikes. 

Watch without distraction. A slim, narrow frame with an aluminum effect finish keeps you concentrated on the screen.

Walton W32E110 32 inch LED TV


  • Screen size: 813mm
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Viewing angle: H 1780 / V 1780

Bring home this TV from Walton TV and experience the stunning visuals from its Chroma Boost Picture Engine. 

Boasting a Bezel-less design and Dolby Surround Audio, this Android tv price in Bangladesh TV blends right into your décor and offers you audio performance that makes your Walton TV shows, movies, and other video content all the more enjoyable. 

In addition, this Walton TV’s Bezel-less design makes it a thing of beauty. Gratitude to its 8.7 mm thin bezels, this TV makes your beloved video gratified highly hypnotic.

Walton WD326JX-150 (813mm) 32 inch LED TV

  •    Screen size: 813mm
  •    Aspect ratio: 16:9
  •    Resolution: 1366 x 768
  •    Viewing angle: H 1780 / V 1780

High-Dynamic Range situations over bright expression of your Television, so you can enjoy an immense diapason of colors and visual details, indeed in dark scenes. Purr Color makes watching videos feel nearly like you are there. 

It empowers the Television to assert a considerable array of colors for the most advantageous picture conduct and a hypnotic viewing experience. 

Ultra Clean View delivers high-quality images with lower deformation, exercising an advanced algorithm to dissect original content and provide bettered detail. 

Differ Enhancer brings flat ideas to life by conforming to the discrepancy, offering outstanding picture quality with deeper depth.

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