​Warranty Information:

– TV Replacement Guarantee : 6 months (Condition Applicable)
– LED Panel: 4 Years
– Spare Parts: 2 Years
– Free Service: 5 Years

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৳ 43,000

Pentanik TV Price in Bangladesh

Product Description

We have a long and complex relationship with Walton 43 inch led smart Android TV. We’re not even sure where we started. It’s been a long time since we had a real, live product shipped to market. The last time was with the Walton 43 inch led smart TV in 2013, and we’ve been working for the last year to ship something that people can buy.

We knew it would be a big job, but when it comes to Walton 43 inch led smart TV, there are two kinds of products: those that work and those that don’t work very well. Those that don’t work are incompatible or expensive to integrate (such as Vizio’s FERRIS). Those that do work are mostly excellent devices, but they may not be as easy to use (Samsung’s Smart Things is one). We aim to make both types of products available at reasonable prices.

We have taken the route we have is simple: the world has changed so much in 6 years that there are few categories left where you can find good value for money; you either pay too much or pay too little. On top of this, Google is going strong in the Walton 43 inch led smart TV home space, and many manufacturers want to move into this market as well, so it makes sense for us to make two different products: one for Android TV and one for Android Home (the former will be ready later this year).

We know from experience how hard it can be to find the right balance between price and performance. We’re hoping our experience will help others find theirs.

Basic Information :
Product Type LED TV
Receiving Range 48.25MHz – 863.25 MHz
No of Channel (ATV) 199
Power Supply AC 110V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (TV On) 75W
Power Consumption (STB) < 0.5 W
Hardware Configuration :
CPU Quad Core A53
GPU Mali 450*2
CPU Frequency 804 MHz
GPU Frequency 432 MHz
eMMC Flash 8 GB
Software Configuration :
OS Android 7.0 (AOSP)
Apps Store Yes
E-Share + Screen Mirroring Yes ( Screen Mirroring Performance can vary upon
device to device )
Wifi Hotspot Yes
Task Manager Yes
Panel Specifaction :
Backlight Unit ELED
Panel Supplier Auto
Aspect Ration 16:9
Panel Size ( inch ) 1.09m
Display Resolution 1920 X 1080
Brightness 320 cd/m2 (typical)
Contrast Ratio 3000:1 (typical)
Response Time 8 ms (typical)
Viewing Angle 178° / 178°
Color Black, Silver
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Sound :
Audio Power Output 2 X 8 Watt
Sound Mode Standard, Music, Theater, News, User
Sound Control 2 Ch Speaker System
Surround Sound Yes
Terminals :
Bottom Terminals:
RJ45 ( LAN Port ) 1
PC Audio In 1
AV and YPbPr Audio 1
CVBS In &YPbPr In 1
RF In 1
Side Terminals:
USB 2.0 2
Optical Out (Audio) 1
Device Media Format :
Text TXT
Subtitle .SRT; .SUB; .SMI
Dimensions & Weight :
TV with Stand (L × W × H) 1015(L )×210(W) ×605(H) mm
TV without Stand (L × W × H) 970(L) ×50(W)×580(H) mm
TV Shipping diemensions (L × W × H) 1090(L) ×140(W)×690(H) mm
TV with Stand Weight 10 KG
TV without Stand Weight 9.75 KG
TV Shipping Weight 14.10 KG


The Benefits of an Android TV

The Walton 43 inch led smart TV is a highly-acclaimed Android TV with a sleek design and many features, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television watching experience.

Walton offers a variety of products, including Blu-ray players, home cinema systems, A/V receivers, and more. But what you won’t find in their catalog are options for smart TVs.

But now, Walmart has an Android TV Chromecast competitor that is the best way to watch Amazon Prime Video on your big screen. The Walmart Walton 43 inch led smart TV allows users to stream Amazon Prime Video content from their phone or tablet via a USB connection and access over 20 million apps from Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.

Upgrading to a 4k Walton 43 inch LED smart TV

What do you do when you want to upgrade your TV to a 4K resolution? Forget the expense and hassle of upgrading your current TV. Instead, we offer you an affordable and reliable solution.

Walton 43 inch led smart TV is a top-quality product that will revolutionize your home entertainment experience. This Android TV offers users many features and functions with its sleek design, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television viewing experience.

The key features include 24-hour video recording and playback, audio recording and playback, multiple sources, etc. Walton 43 inch led smart TV set-top box delivers stunning picture quality from HD to 4K with built-in Wi-Fi networking. It also has an integrated app store, easily enjoying all the Google Play Store apps without downloading or sideloading apps. This Android TV offers users many features and functions with its sleek design, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television viewing experience.

The Future of Television

Walton 43 inch led smart TV You control the TV The goal of television has never been clearer. The payoff has been so large, and never before has the cost been so low.

That makes it all the more important that we make sure our products are built to last, with high-quality materials and a solid design, and that we offer a wide selection of features and benefits to help you enjoy your television experience for many years to come.

Walton 43 inch LED smart tv brings this philosophy to the Android TV platform with its leading-edge feature set:

  • voice control
  • voice search
  • 4K Ultra HD picture quality
  • ultra-low latency video playback on Google Chrome OS

Walton 43 inch led smart tv powerful combination that will make it easy for you to watch your favorite shows and movies wherever you go!

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