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LED TV Price In Bangladesh 2022 - Purchase The Best LED TV in Bangladesh

LED Television (Light Emitting Diode Television) is widely used in the urban areas of Bangladesh, a country in South Asia. LED television is used as a source of entertainment, trade, education, and other information like current affairs, politics, and security. LED television is used not only in homesteads but also in shops, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. The much lower prices of LED television in Bangladesh make it possible for anyone to purchase it from any place. LED televisions are much better compared to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions in terms of functionality and power usage.

What is LED TV?

LED television is a television that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) unlike the LCD televisions which use fluorescent tubes. LED televisions are an advancement of the LCD televisions though they are still a type of Liquid Crystal Display televisions. The LED television has colored images and has a strong signal showing clear pictures. LED TV is classified into two; edge-lit LED and full array LED. In an edge-lit LED television, the light-emitting diode is placed at the panel bringing out light and slim pictures. However, full-array LED television has its light-emitting diodes in the queue behind the panel. Full array LED television is the best due to its high-quality pictures which are very clear. Smart televisions are types of LED TV by which they have WIFI installed in their system. Smart TVs are digitalized and one can run YouTube, Facebook, and Google on them.

List of Basic LED TV Prices in Bangladesh (BD)

The latest Prices of LED television vary due to the different brands and sizes of the television. The size of the LED TV is measured in inches like 32 inches and 54 inches. The various features that the television contains also affect the price of the television. According to BD Market, this is the price list of different types of LED television in Bangladesh: Popular Sizes: 24 inch led tv | 32 inch led tv | 39 inch led tv | 43 inch led tv | 50 inch led tv | 55 inch led tv | 65 inch led tv | 75 inch led tv

Available sizes of Pentanik Smart Android tv Price In Bangladesh

LED TV Models Price in Bangladesh
Pentanik 24 Inch Basic TV ৳ 7,500
Pentanik 32 Inch Basic TV ৳ 9,500
Pentanik 24 Inch Smart Android TV ৳ 9,500
Pentanik Android 32 Inch Smart TV ৳ 12,500
Pentanik 32 Inch Double Glass Smart TV 32 inch (Special Eye Protective 2022) ৳ 16,000
Pentanik 39 Inch Smart Android TV ৳  19,500
Pentanik 32 Inch Borderless Smart Android TV (Special Edition 2022) ৳ 18,000
32 Inch Smart LED TV with Sound Bar Voice Control ৳ 18,000
Pentanik 43 Inch Smart Android TV ৳ 22,500
Pentanik 40 Inch Smart Android TV Soundbar ( 2022) ৳ 24,500
Pentanik 43 inch Smart Android Double Glass Voice Control TV (2022) ৳ 30,000
Pentanik 43 Inch Borderless Voice Control Smart Android TV (2022) ৳ 30,000
Pentanik 50 inch Smart Android LED TV ৳ 38,000
Pentanik 50 Inch Smart Android Silver TV 2022 ৳ 42,000
Pentanik 50 Inch Smart Android Voice Control 4K TV (Special Edition 2022) ৳ 45,000
Pentanik 55 inch Smart Android 4K Voice Control TV ৳ 52,000
Pentanik 55 inch Smart Android 4K Voice Control TV (Special Edition 2022) ৳ 56,000
Pentanik 65 inch Smart Android 4K TV With Soundbar (2022) ৳ 75,000
Pentanik 65 Inch Smart Android 4K TV (2022) ৳ 65,000
Pentanik 75 Inch 4K Android Voice Control Borderless TV (Special Model 2022) ৳ 140,000
Best 75 Inch 4K Android Voice Control TV Latest ৳ 120,000
Popular Brands: Pentanik led tv | Walton led tv | Sony led tv | Samsung led tv | singer led tv | LG led tv | Vision led tv | Mi led tv | minister led tv | TCL led tv

How to Choose the Best Smart LED TV in Bangladesh with Great Features

When it comes to buying an LED TV in Bangladesh, there are several things you should check. First, consider your price range when purchasing an LED television. The more you spend, the more quality television you get with great features, a bigger screen, and a richer color spectrum. It is good to go for a bigger television with a bigger screen and frame. A bigger screen brings out pictures in an amazing way, you feel as if you are in a cinema! A flat screen is preferred over a curved screen. Nowadays, LED TVs to come with a mounting option that enables one to have their flat-screen smart TV on the wall at a convenient angle for viewing. The screen resolution of a TV affects the outcome of pictures on the screen. You should go with 4K resolution, it has more pixels than ordinary HD. Since there is an improved model of LED TVs, the smart TVs, why not consider them first? Smart TVs can access the internet and you can run YouTube. Facebook or Google on your TV. Imagine watching football matches or reality shows live from the comfort of your home. So exciting! Always check the warranty of the television before buying it. Since it is an electronic device, it might have technical issues. Having an appropriate warranty will save you from unexpected defaults.

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Television is a source of entertainment and everybody loves to relax and be entertained. Having a nice quality television like a LED TV, especially a smart television is great. Why not choose an LED television for your home and experience the beauty of everything when watching your favorite shows? Choose an appropriate television considering having the best entertainment. You should compare the different prices of LED television using and go for the most convenient one for you. I would prefer to buy a smart TV because it will give you the chance to stream and access the internet without any worries. Technology has advanced bringing up development in our lives that make our lives simpler. You too should take advantage of technological advancements by getting a smart TV!