Make your own mini AC to keep your house cool this summer

The sun, very hot, sudden drizzle. All day long in the scorching sun and extreme heat, everyone is restless. Even if it rains suddenly, after this rain, the heat becomes more intense. After a busy day, I want to get a good night’s sleep. But it becomes difficult to sleep due to the heat. Not everyone has AC in their house and not everyone can afford to buy AC. The way then? There is a way. You can make this AC with a few ingredients. Let’s not know-

All you need is:

  • A plastic drum
  • A thick pipe
  • Small fan
  • Drill to make holes
  • Saw
  • Tape
  • Ice cubes

How to create:

  1. First cut the face of the drum lid to the size of a fan.
  2. Then put tape on both sides inside the lid.
  3. Turn the fan upside down on the lid and tape it. Apply the tape in such a way that no air can escape.
  4. Now make three holes of medium size in the lower part of the drum (as in the picture).
  5. Cut the plastic pipe into three equal pieces.
  6. Insert the pipe into the three holes of the three drums and tape them inside and out. Apply the tape in such a way that no air can escape.
  7. Now cover the ice cubes with the drum.
  8. Place it in any one corner of the room. Switch on the fan attached to the lid.
  9. The business was made AC.
  10. The more pieces of ice you give, the faster the house will cool down. You will also get more comfort. Then it is not too late, make it today.


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