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Xiaomi Mi TV Price in Bangladesh - Xiaomi Smart TV in BD
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Latest Xiaomi Mi TV Price In Bangladesh - Mi Smart TV in Bangladesh (BD)

Xiaomi manufactures its own TVs, however, they are only sold in a few countries, namely China and India. Mi TVs often use the Android TV OS, which enables media streaming via a variety of Google Play Store apps. The business just unveiled a gigantic 32 inch 8K TV. The huge screen has a mi tv 5x price in Bangladesh with top-notch features in resolution, sound, and warranty. It is logical that Xiaomi concentrates on the smartphone markets where the majority of consumers are looking for affordable smartphones given its ultra-low costs. Because of this, Xiaomi has the most success in countries like India and China. It easily outperforms titanic competitors like Samsung and Sony in the latter nation, where it has been the most notable tv brand. Mobile Internet is represented by the "MI" in their logo. As a result of the numerous obstacles Xiaomi had to overcome in its early years, it might also imply "Mission Impossible." Xiaomi constantly strives to improve its products, users' experiences, and operational effectiveness. The business works tirelessly to create incredible items at fair costs then everyone around the globe can benefit from modern technology and live better lives. Take a ride with us to discover mi tv prices in bd accompanied with the best deals and why you would want a Xiaomi tv in the first place. Be assured that you will find the finest mi tv price in Bangladesh.

Why do you need a Xiaomi MI TV?

There are many different styles and sizes of televisions available. One manufacturer of Smart TVs that is renowned for both its high calibre and competitive pricing is Xiaomi. Although Xiaomi TVs are not widely known in Bangladesh, this is fast changing. Since a few years ago, Xiaomi has been distributing TVs in China, and it has recently joined the Bangladeshi market. The goal of the business is to offer premium goods at competitive pricing. Xiaomi TVs have special features, such as Patch Wall, a software platform that was created by Xiaomi exclusively for Smart TVs, which is included with the Mi TV 4C. Patch Wall offers an intuitive user interface and informs viewers of what they are viewing. Although this specification is not available for mi tv 4a, the Android OS is still a winning point.

Specifications of Best Xiaomi Smart TV in BD

DTS Virtual Sound X

In order to compete against Dolby Labs for supremacy in surround sound, Wi-Fi Xiaomi televisions can also access radio and the airing Internet soundtrack. DTS first appeared in consumer hardware in 1996. Although DTS may not be as well-known as its primary opponent, many purists think that because it compresses audio at greater bit rates, it provides better sound quality. Since then, DTS has introduced even more sophisticated surround sound formats, such as DTS-HD High Quality, which enables up to 7.1 amplifier channels. DTS has also released DTS-HD Master Audio, a lossless format. DTS outperforms all competitors with significant bit rates that guarantee a more lifelike viewing experience.


Smart TVs differ from traditional TVs in that they can stream films of your choosing, unlike the latter, which are only able to display the content that is delivered to them by cable or a dish. Apps or the built-in browser on your UI both let you watch videos. Some services, like HotStar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix require a subscription. Others are freely available online.

Simple access to good music

Although you may not have thought of your TV as a good music system substitute, contemporary TVs make this an appealing choice. Think about how the most recent systems have strong audio capabilities despite being slim and sleek. take into account that you may access millions of songs in a variety of styles and genres on your Xiaomi TV via the Spotify or Amazon Prime Music apps. To get started, simply create an account.

Obtaining apps

A smart TV can have more than just Netflix and Spotify. You have a plethora of choices. For instance, offers 15-day weather forecasts, TED provides access to hundreds of motivational presentations, and PlayStation Now enables you to play your best games on a large screen. You can do a lot with the applications you install, from organizing the week on a huge calendar to using a fitness app to turn your home into a makeshift gym.

Cast-in chromium

A cast-in application is built into Xiaomi televisions to improve your viewing experience. You get a better viewing and listening experience thanks to the function. Play smartphone games on a huge screen, navigate social networking sites more efficiently or even make a video chat with a loved one on a big screen.

Full HD

It refers to 1080p, or more precisely 1920 x 1080 pixels. This indicates that such full HD panels are suitable for playing top-tier games and viewing any high-definition media. It has a screen resolution of 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. Choose a larger screen if you want a theatre-like experience and full HD viewing enjoyment. However, a full HD monitor won't provide images as great as 4K, which have replaced HD as the current standard and are growing increasingly in popularity every day. The larger MI tv Bangladesh variety has 4k UHD resolutions which sharpen the images and creates a cinematic experience. You may have to spend a few more coins for this impeccable encounter.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

You can use it to access network resources from just about anywhere in your house that is handy. The screens can be utilized wherever there is a wireless Internet signal in your house or place of work.
  • RAM: 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 X 1080
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Audio Power:10 W X 2
  • Flat-panel
  • 4K Resolution
  • 60 Hz response time.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 2 USB, 2/3 HDMI, Bluetooth, and Ethernet
  • 5,000+ apps
  • Android TV

Outstanding Xiaomi MI TV Price in Bangladesh 2022

Mi tv prices range from 23, 500 to 420,000 depending on the screen size you want for your home. For the longest time, Xiaomi tv prices in Bangladesh and other Asian countries have been affordable. Therefore, you can acquire your dream television at a pocket-friendly price. After all, Xiaomi aims to make lives simpler by availing high-end technology to its users.

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Available sizes of Xiaomi TV Price In Bangladesh

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