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Samsung TV Price In Bangladesh - Samsung Television BD
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Best Samsung TV Price In Bangladesh 2023 - Buy Latest Samsung Television in Bangladesh (BD)

Samsung is a very popular brand in Bangladesh famous for making quality TVs, DVDs, and android phones. Samsung smart tv is an extraordinary tv supporting installation of your favourite apps like online radio and games. Samsung tv price in Bangladesh is relatively cheap. Samsung offers a variety of Smart TVs which deliver overall satisfactory performance. This TV provides access to; YouTube, browsing, the internet, online videos, and Android features. Samsung TV in Bangladesh also includes many stunning features such as; multiple colours, noise reduction, contrast enhancers, and full HD resolution. Today we visit some of the popular Samsung tv price in bd.

Special Features of Best Samsung Television in BD


Samsung Tv is made with a slim and compact design to be mounted or placed anywhere. Furthermore, the stylish design also implies its ability to blend into an environment. Made from anodized aluminium this TV is guaranteed to last long thus saving you lots of money in the long run.

Mobile screening feature

Screen mirroring enables you to access the contents of the phone on the big screen. This can either be navigating through different apps or viewing pictures or videos on your smart TV using a remote. This interface can be accessed through the smart view on android phones and airplay on iPhones.

Built-in Wi-Fi

This is the most impressive feature of Samsung TV Bangladesh. You can access the internet connection on your tv by connecting it to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This enables you to download your favourite apps and browse websites through your phone. Also, stream your favourite Tv shows and listen to music.


Samsung smart tv includes several inputs which are easily accessible. HDMI inputs are used to connect external audio and video. The USB ports are used to connect external storage or flash disks for video or picture viewing. Moreover, RCA inputs are used for connecting; audio, composite video, and component videos.

Voice recognition

Samsung LED TV has adopted the technology of voice recognition. This makes it easy to use and also saves significant time looking for content. Voice commands can be given to this smart android TV and feedback given. Also, simple questions can be asked and answers are displayed on the screen.

Latest Samsung TV Prices in Bangladesh 2022

Samsung T4500 32-inch HD smart LED TV

This is a Samsung android smart TV with amazing performance. It's one of the best smart TV in the Bangladesh market. It features multiple contents and TV shows which can be accessed by a single digital remote controller. Further, it includes voice assistants like Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and google assistant.


Samsung UA65RU7100RSER 65-INCH 4K ULTRA HD SMART LED TV is made with a slim and modern design. This Tv includes the new Apple App which enables access to Apple channels. It also features a 4k resolution feature for crisp and clear pictures. Samsung 4K TV price in Bangladesh is economical.


This is another model of Samsung tv with a polished outlook and a sleek design. Enjoy bigger pictures with the frameless TV of 65- inches. This TV Enables you to mirror your phone on the screen and access its contents via a remote. Furthermore, access connected devices with a single remote.


This Tv model makes your life easier by including a convenient google assistant. Change channels, browse websites, and adjust the volume of your tv by just using your voice. Furthermore, the borderless design entails bigger pictures taking your entertainment to the next level. Enjoy 4k picture quality and lively images.

Samsung T4700 32- INCH Smart HD TV

Samsung T4700 32- INCH Smart HD TV displays every detail of every colour by featuring an HD resolution of (1366 X 768). The colours can also be adjusted through a contrast enhancer for improved image quality. What's more external hard drives and storage can be plugged through the many inputs featured

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Samsung Smart TV

Multiple features

Smart TVs are designed to accommodate more content than other regular TVs. Multiple features assure additional user experience. Common features include in Samsung TV include, Netflix, YouTube, music streaming, Spotify, and online games. They also include noise reduction technology, contrast enhancer, and sports and enable the installation of other apps.

Availability of inputs

Many inputs add to the TV’s convenience. Ports enable you to connect external storage and hard drives and also HDMI. Samsung TV includes; Ethernet ports, RCA inputs, HDMI inputs, USB ports, and Component inputs. These inputs are required for attaching your desired external videos, audio, pictures, and also external games.

Easy usage

TVs are meant for relaxation and enjoyment. However complex TVs could bring forth frustration and stress instead of amusement. It is therefore encouraged to purchase TVs that are relatively easy to use. Samsung TVs include user-friendly features like voice recognition and google search to help elevate the user's viewing experience.


Price is an important aspect when buying a TV. Samsung LED TV price in Bangladesh varies in different shops. The price of Samsung TVs usually depends on the size, quality, and also features it accommodates. offers great deals on quality Samsung TVs at affordable, best prices and after-sale services.


It is normal for electronic devices to be subjected to malefactions. Warranty is therefore very significant to act as a security for the buyer. Most stores include a warranty of up to 2 years plus parts replacement and full repair. This is also another way dealers form trust with buyers. 

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Available sizes of Samsung TV Price In Bangladesh



The Samsung brand is known for its high-quality products. Samsung regularly amuses us with the latest models example the Samsung QLED TV price in Bangladesh which is big on image quality. It’s not easy choosing a suitable Samsung TV model. This’s why you need a reliable and trusted shop like to help you with your search. Besides offers relatable Samsung Television price in Bangladesh. Despite the advanced technology, it accommodates Samsung TV price in Bangladesh 2022 is still inexpensive. There's a slight difference when you compare Samsung smart TV price in Bangladesh 2020 and smart TV price in Bangladesh 2021.