Sony 32 inch TV price in Bangladesh

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The Best Place To Buy Sony 32 Inch Smart Tv In Bangladesh

Smart televisions have now become popular in people’s homes. Advanced technology has made it easy for one to be able to access the internet; live stream various TV programs and use YouTube or Facebook, on their television. Smart TVs come in various sizes measured by the inches of the screen and they have different brands.

Sony is one of the smart TV brands and it is among the best brands in Bangladesh. Sony Smart TVs vary in size, from 24-inch to 32inch and even up to 65-inch. Sony’s products are of high quality thus it has earned itself an impressive reputation in the electronic industry.

Why Choose Sony TV?

Sony is well known for its high-quality televisions with amazing and unique features. Its picture quality is the best, giving the best display and color accuracy. In case you are unfamiliar with the features of a new make of television, Sony provides helpful manuals on how to operate the television.

In addition, it has a customer service and tech support team to answer any questions customers might have about the Sony TV. Sony TVs have the best sound quality and a good quality remote. Its slim design gives it a great look and has a low power consumption.

Key Features of Sony 32 Inch Smart TV

The amazing features of Sony 32 Inch Smart  include:

  1. Its screen size is 32 Inch – it is fairly a big screen compared to the normal LED televisions.
  2. It has a flat panel – the Sony 32 Inch TV is lighter than the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs and has a wider viewing angle; watching is enjoyable.
  3. The resolution power is 720P – this is a High Definition (HD) with an aspect ratio of 16.9 and (1280*720) pixels.
  4. It is a smart LED TV – has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports enabling the television to be connected to the internet and various portable devices through the ports.
  5. Has a response time of five minute second (5ms) – the response time is fast, therefore, the image quality is good because the fast-moving images look sharp.
  6. The refresh rate of the Sony LED TV 32 inch is 200Hz – this is a very high refreshing rate, and images will look smoother suitable for watching sports and gaming.
  7. The brightness of the Sony TV 32 inch is live color – the smart TV will display pictures with natural colors with no dulling of the image.
  8. It has 10W + 10W, Dolby Digital, Dolby Plus, Dolby Pulse for its sound functionality – produces better sound quality at a lower bit rate. The Sony 32 Inch smart TV will sound like the sound in the cinemas.
  9. Its connectivity is through USB (Universal Serial Bus), HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), WI-FI (wireless fidelity), LAN (Local Area Network), and RF (Radio Frequency).
  10. It has a good quality remote – can easily operate through the Sony 32 Inch LED TV while seated comfortably on your couch.

Sony 32 Inch Smart TV Price List in Bangladesh

Sony smart TV 32 Inch price in Bangladesh varies depending on the shop that is selling the television. The prices of the Sony LED TV 32 inch also show a difference due to the different features each one has despite having the same brand. Different versions of the Sony 32 Inch smart TVs also affect the price. Here are some of the Sony TV 32 inch price in Bangladesh:

Best Place to Buy Sony TV in Bangladesh is one of the trusted online shops in Bangladesh selling electronics, electric, and home appliances. has a large variety of new products according to the customers’ demand and has a high production rate. focuses on satisfying the customers’ needs, especially offering after sell service. focuses on advancing society to a more digitalized place. The online shop offers 100% genuine Sony TVs with appropriate warranties from their manufacturers. It offers different prices for Sony LED TVs which allows the customer to have a variety to choose from.

Prices at are fair compared to other e-commerce sites. offers sales advice to customers helping them to make better decisions when buying their Sony LED TVs at appropriate prices. also offers several brands of Sony android TVs like Samsung, LG, Pentanik, and Waltonat discounts.


Sony televisions are very worth it. Their incredible features are what is more attractive. Who would not want a big-screen TV with a nice angle of viewing, a TV that brings out smooth pictures with clear soundtracks? When buying a smart television for your home, go for a Sony Smart TV with many inches starting from 32-inch, you will not be disappointed.

To get legit and high-quality Sony Smart television with fair prices in Bangladesh, is the shop to visit. Everyone should advance to the android smart televisions to get the best experience when watching or gaming n their TVs.

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Sony 32 inch TV price in Bangladesh

LED TV Models Price
Sony Bravia W602D 32 inch Wi-Fi Smart LED TV ৳ 28,500
Sony Bravia KDL-32W600D 32 inch Smart HD LED TV ৳ 29,500

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