TV Price in Bangladesh

TV Price in Bangladesh

Do you know the price of TV in the market? If you don’t know then today’s post is for you because today I will tell you about TV Price in Bangladesh. TVs allow people to experience moments defined for many generations Both for modern society and pop culture.

The first working television was invented by Scottish engineer John Loggie Baird in 1924 and later produced on a large scale as Baird Television.

The Marconi 702 was in the early 1930s. And His Master’s Voice, a combination of television and radio. In the early 1940s, Motorola’s Golden View TV had multi-channel support and General Electronics’ 807 TV.

With new shows and technological advances, TVs with advanced features like the Raytheon M1601 have become popular.

Companies began to develop new technologies for television. Like the RCA Victor’s remote control from 1960 to 1970. After massive price cuts in the 1970s, black and white televisions became a household item in most homes.

Then came the modern iteration like color TVs in the late 1979s and portable TVs in the 1976s. Finally, color TVs like the PHILIPS 21ST became part of the family in the early ’80s and ’90s.

Modern flat-screen TVs followed in the early 2000s, replacing the old box TVs. As a result, we now have TVs that support various features, clear picture quality, and high resolution up to 8K.

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So let’s take a look at the conventional TV specifications and prices in Bangladesh

Pentanik LED TV Price In Bangladesh

-৳ 75,000
Best 75 Inch 4K Android Voice Control TV Latest
৳ 140,000
-৳ 5,700
Pentanik 24 Inch Basic TV
৳ 7,800
-৳ 6,700
24 inch led tv
৳ 9,800
-৳ 8,500
32 inch Basic TV
৳ 9,800
-৳ 10,200
smart tv 32 inch
৳ 10,800

Samsung LED TV Price In Bangladesh

Sony LED TV Price In Bangladesh

LG LED TV Price In Bangladesh

Walton LED TV Price In Bangladesh

Singer LED TV Price In Bangladesh

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