Vision 32 Inch LED TV E2N Pro

৳ 177,500

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Product Description

In today’s market there are a variety of different types of TVs. Some people prefer basic TVs while others might want a smart TV. However, not everyone is content with just using the traditional television remote. Many people would like to be able to use their smartphone or tablet to control the Vision 32 Inch LED TV.

Model 32 inch LED TV E2N pro
TV Type Basic TV
Technology China
Resolution 1366×768 (HD Ready)
USB Ports 2
VGA Ports 1


One company that is addressing this issue is Sony. They recently released the Vision 32 Inch LED TV which is a smart TV that can be controlled using an Android or iOS device. This means that not only can you watch your favorite show, but you also have access to all of your apps and games on your device.

Vision 32 Inch LED TV type of technology is becoming more and more popular and it is definitely something to keep in mind if you are looking for a new television.

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