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Home theater price in Bangladesh | Have your desired one from PonnoBD

Home theater in Bangladesh is not common like TV, freeze, Ac and other electronic goods. Lately, the trend of the home theater is noticeable. People are too much interested to enjoy the lifelike scene and imaginary world through home theater. You can easily choose your selected Home theater price in Bangladesh now from at your home with a cup of tea.

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Home Appliance Model

NewRixing NR – 2017 Elegant Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Sony HT-S100F 120W Stereo Soundbar HTS100F

SONY TZ140 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY TZ140 5:1 Home Theater

Sony E2100 5.1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY E2100 5.1 Home Theatre

SONY E3100 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player


SONY E4100 5.1 Home Theater

SONY E4100 5.1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY E6100 5:1 Home Theater

SONY N9200W 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY N9200W 5:1 Home Theater

Home theater in Bangladesh

Home theaters of a different brand are available. Among these Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are highly acceptable to the user of Bangladesh.

Sony home theater

In Bangladesh, the name “Sony " is highly popular. Especially, it is famous in the realm of electronics. Sony is a world famous Japanese multinational company. In Bangladesh, Sony has suppressed all other famous brands. Like all other electronic goods, Sony home theater is gaining its popularity. For enjoying high-quality sound and lifelike image, nothing can be an alternative to home theater. All home theater is not the same. Sony is outstanding with its features. Some best rated Sony 5.1 Home Theatre Systems in Bangladesh

  • Sony-DAV-DZ350 5.1 Home Theatre
  • Sony HT-IV300//M E12 Compact Design
  • Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 With Built In Wifi
  • Sony BDV-E3200 Blu-Ray Home Theater
  • Sony HT-RT3 5.1 with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sony DAV-TZ145 (Deep Bass)

Panasonic home theater

Among all another electric brand, Panasonic is the most popular in Bangladesh. Not only for home theater, but it is also famous for all types of electronic goods. Panasonic is famous brands. It has gained popularity in Bangladesh. People of all classes feel the confidence to take home theater from this brand. Panasonic provides different types of home theater. If you have a very tight budget to buy the home theater, you can take home theater from this famous brand. There are many home theaters with low and affordable price. On the other hand, if anyone wants to have the most luxurious home theater, Panasonic is perfect to ensure these types of home theater.

Samsung home theater

Samsung is a very common brand in Bangladesh. This is outstanding for its quality. It has been famous in Bangladesh because of quality electronic goods. It is also famous for home theater. Samsung ensures different quality home theater from high budget to low price. If you want to have home theater from Samsung, You can take this with confidence. The durability of the Samsung electronic goods is excellent. The home theater of Samsung comes with different extra-ordinary features.

How to put a home theater

Putting home theater is an art. Before setting home theater, you have to plan. If you are able to set up perfectly, you can enjoy the lifelike and high-quality sound.  Home theater comes with a perfect package. It adds a new dimension to your sound system. Whatever you enjoy a movie or listen to music. The home theater lets you enjoy the smooth sound.

Important matters to know to buy home theater

Most of the home theater comes with a center speaker, surround speaker, receiver, and subwoofer. The home theater needs to organize the four to six speakers which you have to organize in your room.

Audio Receiver

An audio receiver is part and parcel of home theater.  What type of receiver you need depends on T.V size. On the other hand, the speaker depends on what type receiver you have.


A home theater consists of 4 or 6 speakers. All the speakers are not the same. Stereo speaker, two fronts, and the center channel speaker make a complete home theater. Besides, the subwoofer also creates extra bass in the sound system.

Component Cables

One can use various types of cables for home theater. But what types of cables are ensuring extra mile? In these fields, the components cables are perfect. These cables reduce the transmitted signal. The component cable also ensures signal quality. The components cables do not provide any lose connection. So it is better to use the components cables for home theater.

Budget and space

For taking home theatre, you need to have a budget. You can choose the home theater based on your budget. You can take home theater with a different price range. During selecting, you just need to know how space is available in your room if space is wider; you can take home theater including necessary all equipment. Otherwise, you can avoid the amplifier or an extra speaker. If your budget is low, you can take small speakers which are perfect to keep on the table

Surround Sound Processing

Surround sound is a crucial part of the home theater. It makes the listener overwhelming. The home theater must need the appropriate surround sound processing. You can take extra support for maintaining the appropriate sound system. That is why you have to maintain the balance to set up the surround sound processing. Ethernet connectivity To connect Ethernet provides the ultimate benefit. By using Ethernet, one can have an easy update and online music streaming. By using this, you can have all the information from your tablets and Smartphone. Remote Control All the home theater provides the remote controls system.  This is the most important feature of home theater. During selecting a home theater, you must know what types of batteries have been used in the remote of the home theater.

Build quality and function keys

The quality of the A/V receiver is the most important aspect. Its built-in quality and weight should bring into consideration. The function keys of the home theater are the most important parts. The function keys let the home theater work perfectly.

Home theater price in Bangladesh

Home theater in Bangladesh is of different price. You can take home theater from 10000 to 9000. But if you want to have the perfect home theater, you can take home theater with a medium budget 20000 or slightly less or more. The price of the Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic is the most affordable. You can have the standard home theater with a minimum budget. Home theater price in Bangladesh is not high. The manufacturer keeps the price balancing so that the user can take easily. Besides, Bangladesh is the competitive field for all electronic dealers. They always try to keep the budget balancing.   That is why you can have an excellent home theater set with affordable price.