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LG TV Price in Bangladesh

If you ask what the new trend of television world is, then there will be one answer, The Smart television. World-renowned Television Company LG has brought some fantastic model of smart TVs. LG is offering all high-quality smart televisions affordable prices. That is why many people are curious about the LG Smart tv price in Bangladesh. presents a full gallery of LG television including other top brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, Pentanik, Walton, Minister, etc. not only the Smart TVs; we have the full collection of LG LED, LCD TVs in affordable prices. We can assure you the reasonable price of products with full guaranty and warranty services.

Available sizes of LG TV Price in Bangladesh

Popular Sizes: Lg 85 Inch TV |Lg 75 Inch TV |Lg 65 Inch TV |Lg 55 Inch TV |Lg 43 Inch Smart TV

LG TV Models

LG Inch 65QNED80 LED 4K UHD Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

LG 86UQ9000 inch 4K Smart TV with AI Sound Pro

LG 75 Inch 75UQ9000 LED 4K UHD Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

LG 70UP7750 4K Smart UHD TV price in Bangladesh

LG 65C2 OLED 65 inch 4K Smart TV price in Bangladesh

LG 65QNED86 inch 4K Smart QNED TV price in Bangladesh

LG 65 inch 65UQ8050 4K Smart UHD TV price in Bangladesh

LG 55C2 OLED inch 4K Smart TV price in Bangladesh

LG NanoCell TV 55 inch NANO75 Series, 4K Active HDR, WebOS Smart ThinQ AI

LG 55 inch 4K Smart UHD TV Price In Bangladesh - 55UQ8050

LG 43 INCH NANOCELL 4K TV price in Bangladesh - 43NANO75

LG 43 inch TV Price in Bangladersh - 43UQ8050

Popular Brands: Sony TV | Walton TV |Pentanik TV | Samsung TV | Tcl TV | Rowa TV | Xiaomi Mi TV | Vision Led TV |Singer TV |Rangs TV | Minister TV

LG Special features

What are the features you want into you futuristic television? Is it the size, quality, pixel, dimension or the brand? Actually, all these things are a matter on every television. But when it comes to a smart television, you want something more. LG smart Televisions offers, Wi-fi connectivity, USB port, so you can use multimedia, internet and other available things that you use in your smart devices. A smart television like LG Smart TVs offers you considerable advantages in communication and entertainments. A smart tv allows you video calling just but sitting into your drawing room. Shop online, watch movies and also play games online. However, PonnonBD has a well-equipped TV page where you can filter the LG smart TVs and another brand of TVs with their size, price, brand, etc. when you tick these things a customize result will appear on to the screen so you can find the perfect option for you within few moments.

Why You Choose

Finding perfect TVs among thousands of option is tricky. That is why choosing brands like LG will save you lots of time and energy. But LG smart tv price in Bangladesh would vary a little one shop to another. To get the perfect tv at the right price, you must choose In here we store all genuine products at the right price. We also provide replacements service to our customers. You will get a year of exchange offers for your broken television that you bought from here. If the item accidentally stops working or troubling on providing proper service, then let us know. We will return a brand new tv after receiving the old one. Available models of LG Smart Television Some of the best Smart TVs from LG are,

  • LG Smart 65W7T Signature OLED
  • Every color comes alive enjoy LG 49” 4k UHD tv.
  • LG 65” UHD OLED TV
  • Enjoy Ultra Clarity LG 55” 4k super UHD TV
  • Enjoy LG 65” 4K OLED
  • Enjoy LG 49” Ultra HD Smart LED Tv
  • LG 65” SUHD TV with Al technology

This series of LG smart android TVs offers full HD picture quality with high definition sounds. So you will enjoy more any drama shoes, videography, cinema, music videos, and animation films more lively. These smart TVs support screen mirroring, video and tv side viewing from iOs and Android. LG TVs come with different price ranges. You will find 18,000 to 15, 00000 taka of televisions with most of features and facilities. All you need is to research and compare with models to find a good one for you.

Why you should get LG Smart TVs

LG offers a huge range of smart LCD and LED televisions in their collections. You will find different features, size, and type of televisions at a different cost in this brand. The great thing about LG is the picture quality of it is amazing no matter what size or price it is. That means you get the best picture quality on different prices; they never compromise with the class. Plus the overall performance like surf the channels, timer, recording, and other features are very helpful for more convenient operations. That is the reason LG televisions or monitors are very popular among different professional gamers in the world. It gives the experience of gaming and other adventures series. The LG Smart TV allows you to make video and audio calls just by one click. Also, you can chat online, purchase online and do all the stuff that you would only with your smart devices. In addition, LG products are always known for their durability. Yes, LG smart TVs are no exception in here. These TVs require more servicing than others. Usually, an LG TV can give service more than 20+ years without any significant trouble. Still, if you face any problem during the usage, you can ask for help anytime from LG Butterfly or us limited. This organization offers services too with selling genuine brand TVs.

Best LG Television at

LG Brand has a huge collection of LG LED TVs, LG LCD TVs, HD, 4k and plasma TVs. All these are top selling items of LG’s for the last four years in the world. Even in Bangladesh smart TVs become very popular among many customers. In we offer a good collection of different size and price of LG smart and other TVs for the consumers. And we can promise you to give 100% genuine products at right price compare than any others.

Best of Luck

Here we like to mention one thing, if you have a high budget, please check the Curved or Plasma TVs. These TVs mostly start with 80k. LG TVs start with the curved of plus TVs gives amazing sharp pictures that other kind of TVs could not. Plus the features, especially for gaming, recording, screen sharing, is fantastic too. All the LG TVs comes with one year of additional warranties. In we try to provide all the available models of smart TVs from LG so all consumers can find their best one from here. So, you have any question or want to know about the upcoming LG tv price in Bangladesh please write to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Special note- Every service we mentioned and offers here liken, products cost, servicing charge, services, warranty, guaranty, refund, and other things are meant to be changed. Especially prices could alter in different occasion. reserve full rights to modify or change anything mentioned in here.