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Portable AC price in Bangladesh 2023

The price of portable air conditioners in Bangladesh varies, with options available across different price ranges. Gree portable AC units are popular in the market, offering efficient cooling solutions. The best price for a 1-ton portable AC in Bangladesh can be found through reputable retailers and online platforms. As of 2023, the portable AC price in Bangladesh remains competitive, with options available for different budgets and preferences. Consumers need to consider factors such as energy efficiency and cooling capacity when evaluating the portable AC price in Bangladesh. Ultimately, making an informed decision based on individual needs and budget is crucial when investing in a portable air conditioner in Bangladesh. 

Portable AC best price in Bangladesh 

The best price for portable AC units in Bangladesh, Brand Bazaar, is the place to go. They offer many options, including the popular Gree portable AC 1 ton. The portable AC prices at Brand Bazaar are unbeatable, making them the go-to destination for anyone searching for a reliable and affordable cooling solution. From GREE to Midea, they have a variety of top brands, ensuring that you'll find the best portable AC price to fit your budget. Whether you're looking for a simple air cooler or a 1-ton portable air conditioner, Brand Bazaar has you covered with the best deals in Bangladesh. 

portable ac 1-ton price in Dhaka 

The price of a 1-ton portable AC, such as the Gree Portable AC 1 ton, can vary depending on the brand and features. In addition to the 1-ton option, there are also 1.5-ton portable ACs to consider. It's worth comparing the portable AC prices in Bangladesh from various retailers such as Daraz Bangladesh to ensure you get a competitive deal. Ultimately, investing in a portable air conditioner can relieve the heat and improve the overall comfort of your living or working space. 

Why you choose portable AC for your home 

In considering cooling options for our home, we ultimately chose a portable AC for its convenience and cost-effectiveness. After researching various brands and models, we found that GREE offered the best price in Bangladesh for a 1.0-ton portable air conditioner. The efficiency of its compressor, along with its 12000 BTU capacity, made it a practical choice for our needs. Additionally, Midea's showroom experience and customer service helped solidify our decision. The bonus of a portable mini USB air cooler with seven colours of LED lights further enhanced our cooling options. Overall, the GREE portable AC 1 ton provided the perfect combination of functionality, affordability, and style for our home. 

From where can you find portable AC inside Dhaka?

Several options are available on the market for buying portable ACs in Dhaka. You can find personal AC fans for your desktop and new portable mini USB air conditioners. Additionally, there are 1-ton and 1.5-ton portable air conditioners, including the Carrier portable AC. Some models even come with LED lights, offering a range of 7 colours. As for pricing, you can find the best portable AC and air conditioner prices in Bangladesh for 2023. Whether you are looking for a mini air cooler or a 1-ton portable AC, you can easily find the best prices for your cooling needs in Dhaka. 

The trusted online shop of portable ac 

Looking for the best portable AC price in Bangladesh? Look no further than Daraz Bangladesh! You will find the perfect air conditioner at the best price with a wide range of options, including 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton portable AC units. Plus, with the option to add seven colours of LED lights for a personal touch and the convenience of online shopping, staying calm in Dhaka has always been challenging. Whether you need an air conditioning fan or a personal cooler desk, Daraz BD has you covered. Check out Brand Bazaar for the latest prices on portable AC units and other home appliances. 

Buy portable ac from

If you want a portable AC, is the perfect place to start. As an authorized dealer, they offer many options, including fan personal coolers, desk fans, evaporative coolers, and compressor replacements. With brands like Xiaomi, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Realme, and Infinix, customers can find the perfect fit for their cooling needs. The website provides vouchers, spare parts, and easy payment options like EMI. Located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, ensures a seamless shopping experience with home delivery and cash-on-delivery options. With cooling technologies suitable for various square footage, customers can find the perfect AC for their space at, 1st floor AC showroom.