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Singer TV is Popular Smart TV brands

Singer's fridge must have confidence. Mobile, laptop, everything, surely you want Singer? The Singer is also your place of trust in Singer TV. TV is being widely sold all over the country. In particular, sales of domestic brand Singer TV have increased significantly. Singer TV is at the top of the consumer demand as it brings an international standard TV of various designs and colors at affordable prices.

Singer TV Guarantee and warranty

Singer TV offers a six-month replacement guarantee, a two-year spare parts warranty, and a five-year free service. In addition, Singer has ISO Standard Service Centers nationwide for fast after-sales service. According to sources, Singer has set a target of selling more than one lakh TVs in the month of Ramadan around the Eid-ul-Fitr and Football World Cup. And to meet this goal, they have launched hundreds of models of TVs for consumers of all classes, professions, and incomes. These include Four-K, Android Smart, Full HD, HD, and LED TVs. In addition, brings variety in colors and designs.

Singer TV Discount

The local company has reduced the price up to Tk 5,000 depending on the TV model. On World Cup Football, the buyers get the opportunity to travel to America and Russia by buying Singer TV and registering, or the fridge, TV, and AC are completely free. However, even if you do not get these opportunities, you will get a guaranteed cashback of up to two thousand rupees. Vendors say Singer TV's sales have skyrocketed since the start of Ramadan around the World Cup.

Singer android smart TV

At the top of the consumer demand are the domestic brand's 49 and 55-inch big-screen TVs and 32, 39, and 43 inch Android smart TVs. On the one hand, TV-quality is much better. But, on the other hand, it is also affordable and has varied designs and colors. The Singer is at the top of TV sales in the local market because of these special aspects. The Singer is at the top of TV sales in the Bangladesh market. It is estimated that we will sell 12 lakh TVs this year on World Cup football. Therefore, we are optimistic that more than half of the total demand will be for the sale of Singer e brand TV. Regarding the preparations for the World Cup, Mostafa Nahid Hossain, Chief Executive Officer of Singer TV, said that extensive preparations were made for the World Cup a few months ago.

Singer TV Price In Bangladesh

In the meantime, the price of the model TV has been reduced to Tk 5,000. Singer's 49 and 55-inch TVs have been priced at Rs 54,900 and Rs 64,900, respectively, to allow football fans to watch the game on the big screen. The Singer also offers a 43-inch LED TV at Rs 39,900 and a 32-inch LED TV at Rs 19,990. Nahid also said that Singer had brought special surprises for the smart TV subscribers in the local market on World Cup Football.

Singer TV Operating system

The Singer offers 32, 39, and 43 inch smart TVs with the latest operating system, 'Android 8', at Rs 25,990, Rs 39,900, and Rs 44,900, respectively. Last word It is learned that the famous Singer TV made in the country 'Made in Bangladesh' is being exported to different countries of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa. The export amount is increasing as it is the best in quality and meaning. Therefore, the export market is constantly expanding. Popular Sizes: 24 inch led tv | 32 inch led tv | 40 inch led tv| 43 inch led tv| 50 inch led tv| 55 inch led tv

Singer TV price in Bangladesh

LED TV Models Price
Singer HD LED TV (S24) ৳ 15,490
Singer HD LED TV (SW32) Frameless ৳ 19,690
Singer HD LED TV (SW32) Frameless ৳ 20,990
Singer FHD LED TV (S40) Frameless ৳ 28,990
SINGER Frameless LED TV | S40 | 40E3AFHTV ৳ 30,990
SINGER ANDROID TV | S43 | 43A7000GOTV ৳ 42,990
Singer 4K Smart LED TV (S50) ৳ 60,990
Singer 4K Frameless Android TV (S50) ৳ 65,990
Singer 4K Frameless Android TV (S55) ৳ 92,990
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