-৳ 2,000
Pentanik 24 Inch Basic TV
৳ 7,500
-৳ 5,700
32 inch Basic TV
৳ 9,300
-৳ 4,500
Pentanik 24 Inch Smart TV
৳ 9,500
-৳ 6,500
smart tv 32 inch
৳ 11,500
-৳ 5,001
Pentanik 39 inch smart tv
৳ 16,999
-৳ 5,001
Smart tv 43 inch
৳ 19,999
-৳ 3,500
Pentanik 40 Inch Smart Android TV Soundbar
৳ 24,500
-৳ 14,500
Pentanik 50 Inch Smart Android Silver TV
৳ 42,000

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Best Television Price in Bangladesh 2022

Television is one of the greatest assets in every modern home in Bangladesh because it gives your family the comfort they desire. With a TV at home, you get the chance to sit and enjoy news all over the world or offer entertainment and amusement to the whole family.  When purchasing a television, the brand, the quality, and the price matter most.

More often, the quality and the brand determine the price of the television.  Branded and smart TVs are most likely to bring you the very best entertainment. It is, therefore, important for every family in Bangladesh to know the best China-led TV price in Bangladesh in 2022.

TV brands Available in Bangladesh

There is a wide variety of TV brands available in Bangladesh. Over the years, new brands have entered the markets, others have lost their positions while others have remained vigilant and competitive. Today, almost all televisions are now smart because of technological improvements.

The brands available in TV showrooms in Bangladesh include Sony smart TV, Samsung TV, LG, Walton, Singer, Pentanik TV, TCL, Panasonic TV, and Hisense among others. There is a wide range of brands that you can choose to buy from. When you purchase a TV from a good brand then you are sure of good and satisfactory performance.

Type Of Television You Can Consider Buying In Bangladesh

Televisions are categorized into various types. The classifications are done according to simple features and specifications. These features include the screen size, the resolution, and special features that differentiate one from another.  Based on these revelations, it means that there are several TV types that you can consider buying in Bangladesh.  The TV types include,


LED and LCD TVs, are the most common TVs in electronic showrooms in Bangladesh today. These TVs use a combination of LCD panels and LED light at the back. These types of TVs are durable.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are the most common and advanced type of TV in the market today. The smart TV price in Bangladesh is slightly higher than the regular TV. Smart televisions are a combination of television and computers. The smart TV can be used for various TV display technologies. These types of TVs have a variety of unique features.

Android TV

Android TV is the most popular type of TV in the market today. These TVs use android as the operating system, the TVs support a large number of special features and apps similar to those that can be found in Android-powered phones or tablets. Android TV price in Bangladesh is reasonably affordable.

Curved TVs

This is one of the modern smart technology bd, these TVs are manufactured curved and can be watched from any corner of the house. These curved TVs are common with HP and LG brands. Their screens are slightly curved rather than the usual flat screens; they are mostly used by video and online gamers.

4ultra HD TV and 8Ultra HD TV

As technology continues to improve, so does the television industry.4K and the 8K TVs support higher resolutions, and 4k resolution is most popular with the manufacturers. Almost all TVs have a 4k resolution. However, the 8k resolution is still evolving and only a few manufacturers have mastered it making it too expensive to acquire one.

What Is the Television Price in Bangladesh 2022?

There is an extensive TV price in Bangladesh. The prices vary from one electronic shop to another, the prices also depend on the size of the television, or the resolution it offers. The prices of TVs in Bangladesh also vary from one electronic store to another. You can however get more Samsung, Sony, LG, Smart, Xiaomi, Sky view, and many others from most electronic shops in Bangladesh at a very reasonable price.

The extensive price list allows you to select the best television set as per your budget. The prices of television range from one site to another, since the online electronic shops run sales and discounts regularly.

To deal with the problem of price variations the online TV shops update their prices frequently and change the price tags as soon as there is a discount or a promotion. The online stores indicate the TV price list for all the latest TV models in the market, together with the special services that they offer, for example, free shipping or product warranty.

You can find the lowest TV prices in Bangladesh as well as the product specifications, key features, actual pictures, ratings, and many more from the online electronic shops. You can easily compare the prices of your product online and end up buying the very best TV price in Bangladesh.

TV Buying Guide in Bangladesh

A TV set is one of the most essential electronics in every home in Bangladesh.  At the moment there are very many TVs variant in the market like the LCD TV, LED TV, HDR, 4K, and many more, it may be confusing when planning to purchase a TV, with the right size and the right resolution to cater for your whole household. Below are some tips that you can use when looking to do online TV shopping.

Panel technology

Many televisions use LCD panels with LED backlights. You can find different LCD panels but the most common ones are IPS  (In-plane switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment).  VA LCD panel features a higher contrast ratio and the viewing angle is narrow. IPS panel, the image is clear and remains accurate when watching from the side. It is therefore very important to consider the panel technology when choosing your TV.

TV size

The TV size is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a modern TV. Do not go for a small TV size as the modern set follows a big TV. However, do consider the size of your room to maintain its purpose.

Regular or smart

A smart TV can stream videos you desire, play music, and perform a lot more actions commanded to do. A smart TV can easily get sports updates, or access social media platforms with perfect ease. A regular TV cannot connect to the internet as it does not have any processing power.


Resolution can be defined by the number of pixels that aids the display of pictures. The more the pixels the sharper and the more detailed pictures displayed. Therefore, consider buying a TV that will serve its purpose well by providing the best resolution possible.


This is a vital factor to consider before buying a television in Bangladesh; you should purchase a television with a considerate brand warranty. This will secure your immediate future in case of any problems encountered.


There are trustable online electronic shops in Bangladesh where you can comfortably invest your money in buying a quality TV. However, it is crucial to ensure that you buy your TV from a trusted dealer. is one of the best and the most valued and trustable online sites in Bangladesh, where you can get your smart TV at an affordable price. There is a wide range of TVs with various features you can choose from at affordable prices to match your needs.