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Vision Refrigerator price in Bangladesh
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Vision Refrigerator is a well-known brand in Bangladesh. You can get many types and many stylish refrigerators in Vision Brand. Vision is the most popular brand in Bangladesh.

Description of Vision refrigerator. 

In Bangladesh in 2023, the vision refrigerator is the most popular brand nowadays. Most rural people buy freezers in the local refrigerator market. You can find vision refrigerators 142 ltr, 150 ltr, a80 ltr, 185 ltr, 216 ltr, 200 ltr, 222 ltr, 240 ltr, 252 ltr, 262 ltr, 305 ltr and many other sizes in Bangladesh town and rural marketplace. You can buy a vision deep freezer refrigerator in a vision brand fridge for your budget. Vision refrigerators make refrigerators that use green technology in categories that require maintaining a good presence in the fridge with a metallic silver. Vision update refrigerators do not need a vision inverter.  Vision refrigerator price in bd 2022 was very low with a good product; Vision has frost, non-frost, single door, double door, beverage cooler, and deep freeze in Bangladesh. Vision refrigerator made by Well known RFL brand. Vision refrigerators have many colors and many styles. You can compare Vision Fridge with another Fridge in the market. All things are good with another branded refrigerator. Vision refrigerators are five star prices in Bangladesh. 
  1. vision refrigerator High efficient cooling system, 
  2. Low noise compressor.
  3. Adjustable thermostat.
  4. 100% copper condenser. 
  5. Glassdoor. 
  6. With lock and key
  7. Manual defrosting
  8. Temperature control: Mechanical
  9. Easy operation
  10. Interior LED light

Vision refrigerator price in Bangladesh 

Vision refrigerators are the best refrigerator brand in Bangladesh. Vision refrigerator in Bangladesh's price is very low because Vision refrigerator is made by RFL group, so RFL Group is a Bangladeshi Company. You can buy vision Refrigerators in Bangladesh, high-end refrigerators for consumers with the best product at a reasonable price in 2023. Vision has a mini refrigerator REL when collecting practically designed refrigerators. You can find vision refrigerators online Buy Vision Refrigerator on Ponnobd Electronics.  . All of the other branded refrigerators can be compared with vision's refrigerator, so vision is a prominent brand when vision has maintained a good presence in the local refrigerator. Vision refrigerators start at 12,500 and up to 3,99000 takas in Bangladesh. 

Why do People choose vision refrigerators?

Vision is a well-known brand in Bangladesh. Vision also has some high-end refrigerators for consumers. Already vision refrigerators are five stars rated. Vision refrigerator has some extraordinary features for Bangladeshi users. Vision refrigerator made with metallic silver design makes it a gorgeous product at a reasonable price. Vision refrigerators use a powerful compressor by using ecological refrigerant R600a. Vision refrigerator 5-star energy saving certified by BSTI using green technology in their product. Vision a 71+ model with glass doors and deep fridges. You can also find single-door and double-door side doors in various kinds of products.  Vision has various kinds of products in Bangladesh. So people choose the vision product normally. 

Buy Vision Refrigerator on Ponnobd Electronics

Vision Refrigerator Models Vision Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh
VSN GD Refrigerator RE-180 Liter Lotus Black Diamond-TM ৳ 30,900
VSN GD Refrigerator RE-180L Lily Orange -TM ৳ 30,900
VSN GD Refrigerator RE-238L Red Rose Flower-BM ৳ 34,700
VSN GD Refrigerator RE-216L Mirror Jaba FL-BM ৳ 34,900
VSN GD Refrigerator RE-262L Mirror White Purple-TM ৳ 36,900
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