Sony TV

-৳ 5,000
Sony Bravia 32W602D Smart TV
৳ 29,000
-৳ 7,000
Sony Bravia 40W652D Smart TV
৳ 41,000
-৳ 20,000
Sony Bravia 40W660E Smart TV
৳ 44,000

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Sony TV price in Bangladesh | Buy Sony Smart TV @ Low Price

Before we talk about Sony Android TV price in Bangladesh, let’s know some information.

Your home is just incomplete the essential electronic items such as Sony TV price in Bangladesh. Many brands of Sony Android smart LED TV are available in the market but the maximum of people curious about the Sony smart TV price in Bangladesh. And why not they would be. Sony Bravia smart tv is one of the top brands when it comes to futuristic Sony Android TV.

Buy a new Sony TV Price in Bangladesh is a hassle. You need to look for so many things on a perfect Sony tv Bangladesh and go store to store. Many people don’t buy one Sony smart Android TV without roaming at least five different shops.

But makes your shopping a lot easier by providing a wide range of collection, especially on Sony Bravia smart TVs. There are a lot of top brands of TV available in our stores at the most exciting price.

Sony TV Price In Bangladesh @ Exclusive Price

While shop for Smart TV, what features you mostly look for? Is the picture quality, size, brands, or the reasonable price? These are the standard features on any Smart TV, including smart TVs. Infect Sony Smart TVs offers you a bit more. It supports USB and WiFi connectivity and so many other features. In Ponnobd, you have full option to choose with size, brand, and price and filter the best Sony smart tv within a few moments.

Why You Choose

We all know a lot of e-commerce site sell the different model of Sony TVs online in BD, but it’s tough to find a good one especially for you. Infect Sony Bravia smart TV price in Bangladesh could slightly vary store to store. But in here! We offer the best deal to our customer so they could get their favorite sony tv price in Bangladesh.

We also offer many brands of Sony Android TV like Samsung, LG, Canion, Walton, Pentanik TV in discount price. Plus, you get a fantastic changeable deal on every Smart TV purchased from Ponnobd. You could get a new TV exchange of your old one if you’re bought smart tv broke down within 12 months after purchase from here. So, let’s go and talk about the unique features and price variance of the different Sony Smart TV Price in Bangladesh.

Available models of Sony Smart LED TV

Some of the best Low price Sony Smart tv price in Bangladesh from Sony is

  • KD-65A9F
  • KD-55A9F
  • KD 85X900F
  • KD- 75X8500F

The KD category of Android TVs are fully 4k ultra HD, offers high dynamic ranges. Also, they support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and smartphones, Screen mirroring, TV and video side view from iOS and Android.

Some Other Popular Sony Smart TVs Like

Tv-W800C, Tv-KD-55X7000F, TV-X7500F, TV-X8000E, TV-W800C, etc. these come into 43 inches to 55 inches. And their price starts from 63000 to 106000 taka. These models also include the same features as  KD series. The lacking is, they are 3D capable. But these android TVs are capable of using with mouse and keyboard so far.

Why you should get Sony Smart TVs

It’s no wonder Sony has a big collection of smart category android TVs. They are a fantastic option for every visual entertainment. But why you should get only Sony Smart TV. Experts reviews are smart TVs pretty complicated from inside, so you can’t trust any random brand to produce this wonder box of amusement. Sony has a big reputation for manufacturing quality Sony Android TV over the centuries. When it was a time of CRT Sony Android TV, Sony was there and served its consumers with high-quality TVs.

However, Sony TVs are a little pricy indeed. Many random brands with quality Smart LED TV offer much sony tv price in bangladesh on their LED and LCD Smart TV with smart features. But Sony always has a high rate on their models.

We would suggest if you take it a long time investment for your family, then invest in Sony Smart TVs. If the budget is tight then look for seal or discount offers often provide by in Eid, New Year, Black Friday sales. You will get a good deal on different models of Sony Smart TVs.

Sony TV Price in Bangladesh at

Everybody knows Sony Bangladesh is one of the biggest brands when it comes to futuristic electronics item. From Sony Android TV to camera, smartphones to laptop, Sony have everything for its consumers.

That is why Sony LCD, LED, Plasma and Smart TVs are most preferred and top-selling TV around the world. Even in Bangladesh Sony Android Smart TVs are favorite to all its customers.  It’s because these smart LED TV have grabbed all the limelight because of its outstanding features and fantastic picture quality. It has LED, HD, Full HD picture quality options.

In present days, the brand is working Curved full HD TVs. These curved TVs are skinny, sleek and stylish in look. This unique model could give your home an extra touch of elegance. You will find 32 to 75” of Sony TV in Bangladesh. It offers all the smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, internet access, Android features, Apple Store, and so on.

TV is not a TV anymore. You can browse the net, watch Netflix, YouTube, play video games make a video conference call, shop online, and so on. In Ponnobd the Sony smart TV starts from 2300 to 15000 taka. Plus addition warranties of manufacture are valid with every product of Sony.

Final words

We understand Sony Android TV are a long-time investment for any house. Usually, a good quality Sony smart Android LED TV could last more than ten years without the need for any servicing. And with service 20+ years. If you buy a Sony smart TV from, you get it Sony tv right price in Bangladesh with the additional warranty offered by the manufacturer. We offer the lowest price compared to others. You can compare the Sony Smart TV price in Bangladesh with others and then decide what model and size you want to get finally.

Special note- All the service, warranty, guaranty, refund, price, discount offered by PonnoBD is variable. We reserve every right to change anything mentioned here with or without any notices. If you have any question or want any query, please leave us a message.

Regards Ponnobd Team