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Sony 40 inch TV Price in Bangladesh
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Sony Rangs 40 Inch Smart Full HD LED TV Price in Bangladesh 2024 - Rangs Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

Rangs electronic ltd was first established in the year 1986, with only one brand which is Sony. The company started with a 12-inch black and white TV and only one RCR. Since then, Rangs electronics ltd has increased its operations and its products day by day. Rangs electronics ltd. Is now the leading marketing and distributor of all types of electronics in Bangladesh. All of Rangs electronics ltd products are affordable in every household in Bangladesh, and the most owned product is the Sony Bravia TV. If you are looking to purchase a TV then the best TV to go for is the Sony Rangs TV, it is, therefore, important to know the best affordable price for Sony Rangs TV in Bangladesh. Find out more about Sony 40 inch smart tv price in Bangladesh and where you can buy at affordable prices.

Why Choose Sony Rangs 40 Inch LED TV

Rangs electronics ltd is one of the most reputed companies in Bangladesh, the company has always been known as a pioneer in the field of consumer technologies in Bangladesh. Rangs is the leading company when it comes to assembling, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and repairing all kinds of electronic products. The Sony Rangs TV is of great quality, it has taken years and years of research to mold it into what it is today. The main mission of the Rangs corporate is to provide its consumers with modern technology by providing quality products and great after-sales services. The Sony Rangs TV has a great resolution; the company has made the TV in such a way that it offers perfect picture quality like CRT. The Sony Rangs company understands the basic aesthetics and details, they deliver exactly what they have promised. Another perfect detail with the Sony Rangs TV is the motion blur control, the images are produced perfectly even when playing video games. The Sony 40-inch smart tv price in Bangladesh is also pocket friendly and can easily be found in any of the Sony electronic shops, you can also buy your Sony Rangs TV online at a very good price. Sony Rangs ltd service providers are kind and competent; you can be assured of great services and quality products from them.

Full specifications of Sony Rangs 40 inch Smart TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

you can acquire a Sony Rangs TV with a screen size of your choice, you can either get a 40-inch screen tv or a 40-inch screen TV or any other screen size of your choice, the 40-inch TV has a full HD display resolution, Motionflow XR 100Hz, DC 19.5 power, a NICAM/A2 stereo speakers, and the dimensions (W*H*D) of 924*568*181 mm with a stand and 924*550*65(48) mm without stand. Looking for good deals on Sony Bravia smart tv 40 inch price in Bangladesh? You can get your Sony BRAVIA Smart TV 40-inch screen at a very considerate price in Bangladesh. The company has been continuously surprising its consumers with its latest innovations, such as the 4k HDR TVs, and Oled TVs, among others. The sony Rangs 40-inch TVs have specific and unique specs that give them an advantage over all other TVs available on the market. These specs include:

X-Protection pro for durability for protection against external threats

The X-Protection Pro assures you of the solid durability of your Sony TV. The X-Protection feature protects the TV from humidity, dust, and lightning. The Sony Rangs TV has no ventilation holes made, it has a great coating solution, which protects the TV from external menaces. This allows you to get crystal clear images comfortably.

Naturally detailed images

The Sony Rangs TV offers a world-class resolution, with firm and clear moving images. The pictures are very well enhanced and remain clear all through your watching period. The TV is durable and lasts for many years and the resolution does not falter. The images come naturally and give a sense of realism, they are detailed and give the viewer a great experience.

Smooth movements

The Motionflow XR 100/120HZ reduces the blur from the fast-moving images, it delivers smoother images with less blur whether you are watching fast-paced films or adrenaline-producing action movies. The Sony Rangs 40-inch TV offers the best viewing modes for all kinds of programs.


The Sony Rangs TV has a great sound system and great and clear speakers. You can enjoy clear and firm reception from your preferred radio station via the Bravia incredible speakers. It is easy to switch stations using the television remote up to about 30 radio stations. You can save and name your favorite radio station to listen to later. You can also view photos, browse or use some of the other features on your TV as you listen to the radio.

Balanced sound frequencies

The sony Rangs TV does not only have great image details but also has clear phase speakers which will give you an excellent hearing experience. The technology gives the TV the ability to fine-tune the speaker frequency for more balanced and smoother sounds. The Sony Rangs 40-inch TV gives you pure natural and perfect audio.

Best Place to buy Sony Rangs LED TV Price in Bangladesh

A good electronic store has great before and after-sale services. A great online electronics site also offers excellent aftersales services such as free shipping. When buying your Sony BRAVIA TV consider the warranty and the exchange services that the store or the online site offers. site is one of the best online selling shops in Bangladesh, they offer high-quality and well-maintained electronics in Bangladesh. Their prices are favorable and pocket friendly. You can buy your Sony Rangs 40-inch TV at a very fair price. offers great after-sale services and you can easily exchange your old TV if it breaks down within the time specified in the warranty card. So if you are thinking of getting a Sony BRAVIA 40-inch TV at the most favorable price then you should visit the


There are several electronic stores and online sites that you can buy your Sony Rangs 40-inch TV from in Bangladesh. The price of the Sony BRAVIA 40 TV may vary slightly from one store to the other or from one location to the other. It is always wise to first do thorough research before purchasing your electronic device. Check the best store to purchase from and the kind of online feedback that the store gets. Sony Rangs electronics ltd has the best electronics in Bangladesh. The Sony Rang 40-inch TV has great specs and that means when you purchase a Sony Rangs product you get value for your money.