Sony 55 inch TV price in Bangladesh

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Find Out More About Sony 55 Inch TV Price in Bangladesh in 2022

Sony is one of the best television makers, and it is a brand that is well-known globally. The model offers dozens of models. The products of Sony are way ahead in many different areas including innovation. The company continues to introduce better models to meet the changing user tastes and to serve the ever-changing market.

The company is reputable for many things including the superb image quality as well as cutting-edge design. The Sony 55 Inch TV is an excellent piece of innovation with great picture quality. It offers lots of screen space and more impressive qualities for the price. Keep reading to find out find out more about Sony 55 inch tv price in Bangladesh in 2022.

Sony 55 Inch TV Full Specifications and Description

This TV must excel at the basics. Colors are rich and varied, contrast is superb, and viewing angles are impressive. This TV handles upscaling well. Below are other features and specifications.

Screen Size

For most people, the bigger the screen the better. For them, it is best to buy the biggest television screen that they can afford and that can fit into their space. This model boasts a 55 Inch screen. These days, the 55 Inch screen size has become the standard size. It works best for most people if not everyone and chances are it will work best for you. This amazing television offers plenty of real estate without being excessively or overwhelmingly large.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The quality of this television’s images is comforting, to say the least. Resolution is defined as the number of pixels making up a picture on the display. The more the pixels the sharper the images and the finer the details. Therefore, a higher resolution is better. This television has a resolution of 4K Ultra HD, which is the default for televisions. Just like it is for most people, 4K Ultra HD resolution is the right choice. The images are so sharp and the details are so fine.

OLED Display Technology

The quality of this television’s display may be described as perfect. OLED technology is the latest trend in the currently introduced high-end televisions. This display technology uses organic phosphors. With this technology, each pixel can generate its light, hence making for better contrast and light precision than LCD screens. Thanks to this technology, you can view your TV from a wider viewing angle compared to the LCD models. It does not lose color or reduce contrast when you view it from a wider angle. However, being OLED makes it pricier and with lesser brightness than its LCD counterparts.

Reasonable Price

You get all these amazing features in one and still have to pay a reasonable price for all of it. This television offers a terrific balance of features for the price. Sony is a superior brand, and as you would expect from any model that it makes, this television delivers smooth and clear pictures. It is full of detailed contrast and rich colors. When you think of all these, you realize that it offers great quality for the money.

Advanced Qualities

Lots of innovative qualities have been incorporated into its manufacturing. It boasts of advanced features that enhance its performance, picture quality, resolution, efficiency, and durability. Sony has included the Trolamines Pro technology that is meant to give more colors than conventional television. This system provides picture quality that is natural, precise, and way closer to reality than its competitors.

What is the best price of Sony 55 Inch TV in Bangladesh?

The prices may range from one store to another or from one platform to another. However, regardless of the difference, the prices do not vary so much. The prices of the Sony 55 Inch TV models range from 50000 to about150000 Bangladesh Taka depending on the model and the level of innovation put into its engineering. However, the best price for a great model is about 70000 Bangladesh Taka.

The lowest price of Sony 55 Inch TV Price in Bangladesh in 2022

The lowest price of the above-mentioned LED TV category is currently 50000 Bangladesh Taka. Prices go up to over 100000 Bangladesh Taka. A 50000 Bangladesh Taka Sony TV on offer today in 2022 can go as low as 46000 Bangladesh Taka. It is a price that is very rare, and difficult to find but only when they are on offer.

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Final Verdict

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Sony 55 inch TV price in Bangladesh

LED TV Models Price
Sony Bravia 55″ 4K HDR Smart LED TV (55X7500H) ৳ 77,500
Sony Bravia 55″ 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV) (55X8000H) ৳ 84,000
Sony 55X80J 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range (HDR) Smart TV ৳ 88,000
Sony 55″ 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range 55X85J (HDR) Smart TV (Google TV) ৳ 104,500
Sony Bravia 55” 4K HDR Android TV (55X9000H) ৳ 120,000

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