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Sony Home Theater in BD Available on

Anyone looking for a Sony home theater? Then you are in the right place. Introducing that consisting one of the best brand Sony for the electronic appliance. Sony is bringing the best appliance such as home theater at a low price. Even consider yourself lucky for a special discount during the festival of Pohela Boishakh. One of the biggest festival in Bangladesh. Sony is one of the leading Brand this time and competition with other world-class brands. There is no doubt about their products quality, feature, price, etc. They always try to satisfy their customer, and that has brought them in top position. Today we will discuss home theater of Sony. So, let’s see what’s new they are marketing now.

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Home Appliance Model

NewRixing NR – 2017 Elegant Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Sony HT-S100F 120W Stereo Soundbar HTS100F

SONY TZ140 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY TZ140 5:1 Home Theater

Sony E2100 5.1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY E2100 5.1 Home Theatre

SONY E3100 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player


SONY E4100 5.1 Home Theater

SONY E4100 5.1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY E6100 5:1 Home Theater

SONY N9200W 5:1 Home Theater System with DVD Player

SONY N9200W 5:1 Home Theater

The Model of the Home Theater Brand Obtainable

Sony has launched some new model in a few years. With some updated features and quality. So, get the original item check it out on Sony home theater. Before that look at the model available in the market currently.

  • Sony TZ140 (With DVD)
  • Sony HT-S100F (Stereo Soundbar)
  • Sony E2100 (With DVD)
  • SONY E3100 (With DVD)
  • SONY E4100 (With DVD)
  • SONY N9200W (With DVD)
  • SONY E6100

Why Choose Sony Appliance

Sony is giving the best product with exciting features at a limited price. Sony is the most popular brand in this country. So, choosing any item from this brand won’t disappoint at all. On the other hand, there is a different model, and each model has different features. Even some model is updated from the previous model. Check out the one that fulfills your needs and demand. Now have a look at the specification of the products: Input/ Output Input Bluetooth, USB, DVD/CD for listening to music. Connect via Wifi also. Then you can enjoy music, movie, show, etc. Even FM radio also be available 20 stations can detect at the same time. This facility may vary depending on the model of the item. Tablet or  Smartphone can be connected to the home theater for listening to the favorite song on high volume. Remote Control You can remote control your home theater by remote control provides with the items. This will make it easy to operate the theater. A battery will be needed for the controller. Before purchase read the product description which model is having this facility. Warranty Warranty attainable as well with every electronic home theater. With the user manual, you will be given another warranty card. There stated clear info about warranty since when the warranty will be valid. The minimum warranty is for one year. Power 1000W to 1200W power output you will find if you purchase one of the models from Sony. You can own this on home, restaurant for decoration even on for a party. But for only personal use TZ140 model will be good. It is only 300W. Best for soft home voice. Control the volume soft to the high bit. Others Other options such as auto operate, screen saver, Blu-Ray disk, keyboard, size, weight, application, etc. will be found on the description. This info is different according to the model. So, check out the info on each product page for details.

Colors Of The Sony Items

This time available color is black, ash-black and glazes- black. Black is the most beautiful and standard color. This is one type of color that suits both man and women. So, you need not be worried lest your other family won’t like it. Anyone would love the color of the home theater.

Price Of The Home Theater

Don’t be afraid of the price. Sony brand is one of the brands that make sure every people can use their product. Whatever your budget you might be able to afford to. The range starts from thirty thousand and a maximum of fifty-eight thousand. But all of this appliance has a special discount of up to 35% due to the Bengali festival. This discount will be available for one month during the convivial. Then the regular price will continue. So, don’t miss out this opportunity and buy one product on this festive period.

Why Choose Ponnobd

Online shopping is hassle-free that why everyone prefers to buy from an online site. On the site, the products are level by model, price, and model. If you are buying through Ponnobd, you have to know about these sites also. Online service open from 9 is to 11 pm. Contact them via chat or phone call. This is 100% trusted site and take the guarantee of your money and product to deliver safely. For wrong info and defected item you have the choice to complain.

Payment Method of Ponnobd

Payment method is also included with all of the info. There is three payment method on this site. Cash on delivery, bank transfer, and check. You may not find the cash on delivery on many products. But the other two methods are always available. For bank transfer, you can use Bankcard, debit and credit card. During the order, the product you will see the option appears on the screen. Remember until you clear the payment, your product won’t be shipped.


As ponnobd take the responsibility of safe purchase and best product availability. The sony provides the guarantee of servicing for any defected item too. So, you have double protection both from Sony and Honnold. Moreover, you have the option to chat with the seller, ask questions, etc. No chances for appearing confusion on the mind. Always follow the user manual and keep that with you. For the music loving people home theater is an essential appliance for them. Besides, everyone likes to listen to music during their leisure time. Even in busy time listening to music and working. The size suits for home and office both. So, purchase one of the newest models of  Sony home theater of this brand. Hopefully, the brand will be able to please the music lovers by its incredible features. And also, buy from ponnobd for safe shopping and value time.