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 There is the latest speaker price in Bangladesh in 2023. Ponnobd is one of the best e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. Ponnobd sells at the best price any type of speaker at the best price in Bangladesh. Ponnobd sells different types of speaker brands like Belkin, Creative, Crossroads, Digital x, Edifire, Golden field Logitech, Microlab, Philips, Redragon, Xtreme, etc. you can find them Bluetooth speakers, multimedia speakers, computer speaker, gaming speaker, subwoofer and portable speakers sound system. 

Why I Buy a speaker?

In this modern time, who does not like listening to music, some TV and computer monitor has a speaker with them, But on the other hand, some branded TV or Computer monitor do not set the speaker of their company. We see movies, cartoon shows, dramas, and news on the computer, but we can see only pictures on the screen if we do not connect the speaker to our CPU and TVs. We can not hear anything. We celebrate many kinds of festivals, like marriage ceremonies, birthday party , in sports Competitions; we celebrate the day with enjoyment. These days some of us, like young people, want to hear the song with a speaker. So we need to buy a speaker to listen to many kinds of sounds from any device.

Popular speaker brands in Bangladesh.

In the Bangladesh marketplace, you find various speakers. But you must choose the branded speaker from the market. There are some branded speakers; they are Logitech, Microlab, Philips, Redragon, and Xtreme are the most popular brand in Bangladesh.  There are some qualities of speakers in Bangladesh. Bookshelf Speaker: Bookshelf speaker is basically designed for kipping on a bookshelf or a reading table. The speaker has one or two speakers. Medium speaker: Medium speaker is also called a tower speaker. It is designed for floor standing. These types of speakers also support Bluetooth. Multimedia speaker: This speaker is used for a computer or MP3 device. This type of speaker is directly run from the adapter. This sound box is known as 2.1 speakers, 5.1 speaker, 4.1 speaker and sincerely give bass in This Box,  there are some speakers like, 

  1. TV sound box, 
  2. DJ speaker, 
  3. Home theater speaker,
  4.  Professional sound system,
  5.  Mosque Speaker 
  6.  Portable speaker. 

Which speaker will you choose? 

  1. You must first remember what you will be using it for. If you buy a speaker for your home only for Television, you can buy a quality sound speaker and a great sound at the best price, your low price of 2500 Taka. If your tv has a Bluetooth connectivity option, the speaker, and high-quality sound, you can also buy this speaker. 
  2. If you want to use the speaker for hearing songs, movies sound with high sound with more people like cinema hall. You must buy a medium-quality speaker so everyone can hear the sound clearly. They are also called multimedia speakers.
  3. Otherwise, you want to use the speaker in various kinds of festivals like Was Mahfil, something announced in your village, use in Mosque, you have to buy a prominent speaker that's called Mick in Bangladesh rural people.
  4. The small shop and guest room must need to buy good quality sound for the latest box connected with your Television so that you can get good sound quality.

How much price of the speaker in Bangladesh?  The speakers in Bangladesh start to be priced at 500, which are small speakers, but their sound quality is good. This type of speaker is basically used for online classes. A Computer Box in Bangladesh starts at 1600. The speakers have a small amplifier. These speakers are known as Multimedia speakers. For more sound, your speakers are prominent in size on a big budget. The speaker price in Bangladesh in 2022 was low cause the fetchers of the speaker were not upgraded. But speaker prices in Bangladesh 2023 best configure like USB speakers and stereo sound speaker systems available in 2023.

Check these out before buying a speaker.

  • Cost ( Check the price before buying the product )
  • it is a Sound Quality check before buying the speaker.
  • Speaker Type ( what kind of speaker do you want )
  • Rooms and Acoustics
  • Matching the Right Components ( choose the right kind of speaker for your use )


Most speakers have Bluetooth Connectivity, and some others have MP3 cables. So check carefully before buying.