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Thunder Protector For LED/TV & CATV Isolation Protectors

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Thunder Protector for tv

Thunder Protector for tv Features Isolation protection is used for the high-voltage insolation between house-hold CATV cable and TV or set-top box. CATV cable usually shares the same wire pole with power lines and telephone lines, and after a long-distance transmission, the situation may arise: induction into the high voltage, exposed to leakage wire, induction to the thunder and lightning, and being possibly connected to some of house-hold leakage equipment. All of these reasons will result in a live television cable. If the TV cable is poorly grounded, high-voltage will be transmitted into users and will form potential difference between the ground wire of network and ground wire of CATV network, causing ground wire disturbances, which leads to distorted television images or unclear sound and can possibly damage TV sets, set-top boxes and other equipments. Seebest Isolation protection can eliminate the potential difference between network and CATV network to improve the effect of television viewing and protect the house-hold appliances.


The flash of a nearby lightning bolt followed by the crack of thunder can't help but make you take notice of the power of nature. And it's a good thing you get that reminder because lightning kills more people than floods, hurricanes or tornadoes. Some of those deaths are from


direct strikes, but most are from the distributed effects of the large surge of current created when lightning hits. That current can make its way through electrical wires into your home, damage your appliances and put you at risk -- your television set is not immune to the danger Product Type: Thunder Protector For TV Protect your TV and Other Electric Appliances Provides superior protection against high and low voltage transient surges Easy to Install

আপনার টিভি কে যদি বজ্রপাত থেকে রক্ষা করতে চান তাহলে এই  thunder Protector  ব্যাবহার করা  জরুরি । এটি আপনার LED TV  কে সেভ করার কাজটি করবে । Thunder Protector ব্যাবহার করলে ডিশ ক্যাবল Led TV  থেকে খোলার প্রয়োজন হয় না । কারন এই thunder Protector বজ্রপাতের সময় ডিশ ক্যাবল এর সংযোকটি বিচ্ছিন্ন করে দিবে ।

Thunder Protector For TV

Thunder Protector Specifications :

Bandwidth: 5-1000 MHz
Insertion loss(dB): ≤0.75
Reflection loss(dB): ≤ 14
Isolation of pressure: ≤ AC2KV
connector: RF male female





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