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Vision 50 smart TV price in Bangladesh
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In our country there are many  sizes of Television, among them 40 inches, 50 inches, 75 inches are the most popular Television.

Full Specifications Of Vision 50 smart TV

Vision android 50 smart  TV  are most popular for its looking, it's looking very good, android 50 inch design surge protector finds the best display  with 4K resolution , google assistant with official Android 9.0  (Google Certified) Vision led tv is a wall mountain 4K Television.

Vision 50 inch led tv  details also given below :

  • Voice controlled TV with Google Assistant
  • Vision 50 inch TV made by CPU CA53 Quad core 1GHZ processor.
  • google android 4k q2s infinity
  • It support HDMI and USB
  • Vision 50 inch tv has  2*10 watt speakers.
  • Made  by upgrading and powerful circuit Enhanced PFC and EMI.
  • Brightness quality is -280 cd/m2  with Contrast ratio 4000:1
  • Vision 50 inch tv has  4K resolution or  (3840 x 2160 Pixels).
  • Random access memory (RAM) is 2.25 GB; and Read only Memory  (ROM) 16GB
  • you also get 1 remote and two batteries.
  • 3 years service warranty. 4 years panel warranty card.
  • you can get some packages  also.

Why did I buy a 50 inch smart TV ?

Vision led TV google android 4K type device Vision 50 inch series reviews can find in online in Bangladesh. 50 inch TV is a big size Television with a new color lighting  system on the other hand If you have a big shop and big restaurant and big hall you must buy a big television so vision 50 inch g3s galaxy just for you you buy this TV because in 65000 prices in Bangladesh vision smart tv is the best its  a android UHD TVS  Here you will find a  manual base stand TV Vision tv creates masterpieces of 50 inch led tv google android 4k g3s galaxy brand this is one of the tv google android 4k q2s price in Bangladesh 2023. 

Software compatibility and operating system

The application or Software  platform is another important factor to categorize a  android Smart TV. Every Brand has its exclusive Operating system or Software Platform. The first one is the OS. It is a popular high-speed Operating system from vision It is good for media streaming platforms like Amazon Prime ,YouTube,  or Netflix. vision  have a lot of compatibility with many software. In addition to popular ones, This Smart TV supports a wide variety of exclusive content hubs. This OS is proprietary to vision. The third popular OS is the most common Android OS. It is the most used Smart device OS in The world. Every android TV utilizes Google services and supports a variety of features and cross-platform apps similar to an Android smartphone or Tablet PC. The most popular content hubs include Netflix, YouTube, HULU, Disney Plus, etc. are supported. This is very customizable and user-friendly. It is good for gaming too. Most well-known brands like Sony, Sharp, or Philips use Android OS in their Smart TVs. Some lesser-known exclusive Operating systems are brand specific. As an example, we can name the fire-OS. It is exclusive to Panasonic TVs only. This OS is easy to navigate but supports very few cross-platform apps.

Which Tv is the best at 63,240 price ?

Vision has the best features  with sources and smart sockets. You will find a list of  63,240 Taka to 70,000 Taka 50 inch smart TVs But vision as a smart tv among every 10 different branded tv , vision is the best tv and dolby surround sound systems with best experience.