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Vision 32 Inch LED TV Prices in Bangladesh - Android Smart TV
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Vision 32 Inch LED TV Prices in Bangladesh - Android Vision Smart TV 32"

TVs are now must-have accessories in homes, they are essential for entertainment and relying on for information. Vision 32-inch TV price in Bangladesh is very popular because of the quality of pictures and affordable price. Moreover, this TV is not limited to just watching movies, It features platforms like YouTube, browser, Netflix, and much more. Also, it’s made with a better resolution to reduce eye damage. Enjoy your favourite games and phone apps on the big screen from the comfort of your couch. This article takes you through some of the essential features you need to check out in Vision 32-inch smart TV.

Essential Features and Full Specifications Of Vision 32 Inch Smart TV

720p HD Resolution

32 smart inch TV is enabled with a digital resolution enhancer which can be adjusted to fit a user's preference. This feature enables one to enjoy clear, quality, and vivid images even when in bright rooms. Furthermore, the contrast of this TV can be adjusted preferably thus minimizing eye damage.


Vision 32-inch TV features several Inputs including HDMI which can be used to connect devices like a gaming console. It also features composite input and digital audio out inputs. Moreover one can enjoy pictures and videos from external drives by connecting them to the TV via the USB inputs.

Smartphone ready

The internet can be connected easily to this smart TV via Wi-Fi or LAN. This enables you to enjoy your favorite online games, YouTube videos, music, Web browsing, and also Google Play Store. Moreover, this feature enhances your entertainment level by enabling you to access your phone apps on the big screen.

Sound quality

Vision 32-inch smart TV price in Bangladesh is designed with a perfect Dolby audio. This is enabled by two 26W speakers which are loud and also clear. The smart also features a digital noise reduction technology that enables blocking excess sounds from the TV’s speakers thus yielding cinematic sounds.

Slim design

This smart TV is built with a modern, sleek and lightweight design. This relieves you troubles of dealing with a bulk TV like when moving it around. Furthermore, the slim design of the vision 32-inch smart TV price enables it to fit or be mounted in any space easily.

Refresh rates

Vision LED TV 32 price in Bangladesh offers about 60Hz Refresh rates. This implies that this model displays many images per second thus smooth and vivid pictures like those displayed in theaters. This is a very essential feature, especially for the lovers of action movies, sports viewing, and online gaming.

Diverse languages

Multiple Indian languages are featured in the vision smart TV 32-inch price in Bangladesh. These languages include; Urdu, Bengali, Arabic, Persian, Burmese, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, Kannada Punjabi, and English many others. Anyone can choose their language of preference from the 11 plus languages featured by this Vision.

Multiple colours

Vision 32-inch smart TV offers more than 262K colors. These colors are responsible for adding emotions to the viewer hence additional entertainment. Moreover, colors bring the feeling of live pictures and also a cinematic feeling.

Additional Features

  1. Frameless
  2. 2 GB internal RAM
  3. Power saving mode
  4. AC power code
  5. Slim blade stand design with
  6. Wall mountain facility
  7. Full-Array LED Backlight
  8. Digital voice controller
  9. Multiple colours
  10. HDR gaming TV feature
  11. V+ care warranty

Factors To Consider When Buying An Android Vision 32 Inch Smart Tv Price In Bangladesh 2022


Affordability is always a major factor to consider before making a purchase. One should be keen to make sure the price of television matches its quality and available features. You can achieve this by making a habit of comparing prices in different stores to get a fair deal.

Smart features

Smart Features usually enhance one’s entertainment experience. This feature usually implies streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and HBO. In addition, it enables one to enjoy online games, shows, movies, music etc. You can also access the contents of your phone on the big screen by linking it with your TV.

Ease of use

Complicated TV features and design usually result in frustration, and time wastage. Unless you desire otherwise I advise a TV with a user-friendly technique for ease when using. Vision TV 32-inch price in Bangladesh is built with intuitive features and also a voice assistant functionality for users’ convenience.


This is one way of ensuring the quality of Smart TVs by building trust with customers. Being electronic devices TVs are prone to malfunctions in their making or during storage. offers a warranty of one year with repair and replacement if you purchase your brand vision 32” smart TV from them.

Availability of inputs

Inputs are also a basic factor to consider when purchasing your vision led smart TV 32-inch price in Bangladesh. Many inputs imply the ease of connecting many hookups without the frustration of unplugging other hookups. Most common Smart TV inputs include HDMI and Audio in (Earphone) inputs.

Channels offered

Multiple channels give a viewer a variety of choices thus breaking the monotony. A good TV offers multiple TV channels both local and international for viewer’s choice. This also implies additional programs, movies, shows, and music can be enjoyed. Vision LED TV 32 price in Bangladesh offers many free-to-air TV channels.

Accessories Offered

  1. User Manual
  2. Easy to use English remote controller and remote batteries
  3. Mounting stand

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Vision smart TV 32-inch increases the level of entertainment by turning your living room into a picture palace. If you are a casual viewer, sports viewer, or gaming fun then this model is designed to fit your needs. Vision 32-inch price varies from one store to another. Usually, Vision 32” smart TV price in Bangladesh depends on its features, design, and quality of the product with different packages. guarantees the best quality and best deals on vision LED TV 32 price in Bangladesh with express delivery. I hope this information eases your purchasing process by helping you find the suitable type of Vision 32” smart TV for you.