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Vision 40 Led TV Price In Bangladesh - Full HD Smart LED TV
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Vision 40 Led TV Price In Bangladesh - Full HD Vision 40 Inch Android Smart LED TV

Because it is a reduced piece of recreation, television is a popular household appliance. Vision TV offers a diverse range of best-priced Flat Screen, Full HD TV, android tv, led tv, and smart tv in Bangladesh to facilitate your selection and purchase. Everyone can explore the realm of entertainment with a multitude of drama series, movies, and games available on this technically advanced television. We handpicked and review Vision tv products to provide you with the best viewing experience at the best price. In addition to the features, we provide you with the best options for Vision 40-led tv prices in Bangladesh.

Available Sizes of Vision TV Price in Bangladesh

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Pros of Vision Full HD 40 LED TV Best Price in Bangladesh

The Vision 40-Inch LED TV is an excellent option for those looking for basic, savvy television. It includes all of the functionalities you'd expect from modern television, such as an Android Based platform and a constructed Smart Hub. In addition, the television has a stylish, modern style that will look fabulous in any room. The thin profile of this tv is one of its most notable features. It is only an inch thick and can be hung or positioned on the stand for better visibility. The Vision 40-inch LED TV is also energized by a 3400mAh battery, which should provide sufficient power for extended use. Enjoy great Netflix shows and popular Amazon Prime movies on a screen that transports you to the location. The affordable visions tv 40-inch price attracts customers on top of the impressive functionalities.

Review of the Features of Smart Vision 40 Inch LED TV

Dolby surrounds sound

For many years, Dolby monopolized the surround sound landscape. Then, in 1993, DTS entered the picture, offering its very own digital surround audio mixing services for film production. The technology eventually made its way to Laserdisc and DVD, but it was initially only available on a small number of discs. DTS has a higher bit rate and thus provides more audio information. The digital surround gives the two-dimensional visuals on your screen a three-dimensional feel. Dolby digital multi-dimensional surround sound adds aerial speakers to a standard television surround sound system.

Android Television

As Bangladesh's first native model in the Bangladesh market, Vision Electronics, a national brand in electrical gadgets, has initiated a Google-certified Android TV. The primary distinction between unauthorized and approved Android is that the aforementioned quickly loses all functionality. It is in stark contrast when you activate an Android device. The Google Approved Android TV OS and associated Google Play applications will be updated automatically, allowing viewers to appreciate the official Android features.


The HDMI socket on your TV offers a connection point for a high-definition picture. Simply put, the more HDMI ports your Vision LED tv has, the more elements you can connect to for HD photo quality, such as a Blu-ray player, a camcorder, and a gaming console. Because the socket is located in front of the TV, you no longer go into an uncomfortable posture or move the unit to obtain access to the contact point. It is awesome for viewing photos from your digital camera on your TV.

Live colour

Live Color Invention is a backlight process that generates 30% more colour, especially in the red and green regions of the spectrum. As a result, your TV picture will be more lifelike and natural, with no discolouration or dulling. However, if the movie has a proper colour balance, the colour scheme should be fine. You can disable this feature for the most organic image.

Dynamic Contrast

It improves the contrast ratio, and all tints between the smartest white and the grimmest blacks have been preserved, giving the image more depth and dimension. It is accomplished by adjusting the lighting of the backlight in response to the scene luminance. Vision's distinct dynamic contrast system maintains all grey shade features. It improves particular areas with low contrast inside the image, resulting in a crisper overall image.

Noise cancellation

Hiss is a common type of noise in televisions due to random electron motion caused by thermal agitation caused by temperature. These flustered electrons speedily subtract and add from the output signal's voltage, producing detectable noise. It is employed in order to reduce the analogue noise generated during signal transmission. It filters out the noise, allowing the original pictures and sharp details to show on the screen. When enabled, noise reduction frequently obscures information and fine lines in order to reduce noise. By turning off noise removal, the image will appear more natural and enhance details


The 4K display produces dazzling 4K images rich in significant detail and texture. Since the bezel is small, your eyes are drawn to the picture rather than the environs.

Internet access via Wi-Fi

It gives you access to network resources from almost any convenient location in your home. As long as a wireless Broadband signal is available, the televisions can be used anywhere in your home or business. Wi-Fi Vision tv sets can also access airing Internet soundtrack and radio websites, as well as podcast and webcast websites.

Full Specifications:

  • Sleek outlook with an improved UI
  • 2 speakers, 6 ohms 12 Watt
  • VA Panel technology
  • DLED panel
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Dolby digital sound
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.
  • 2xUSB
  • Earphone & digital audio output
  • 2xHDMI supported feature
  • Backlight adjustment feature
  • MPEG noise reduction facility
  • 4-year service warranty
  • Other accessories like remote, wall mount, manual, warranty, 2 batteries and a base stand.


The best vision 40-inch smart tv price in Bangladesh 2022 ranges from bd 26,500 which is a great bargain. Vision 40-inch led tv functionalities are impeccable for your home. It includes live colour technology, natural illumination, and a high-definition resolution for an immersive experience. Additionally, the Dolby audio has a clear noise cancellation feature for a thrilling, cinematic experience. The price of a Vision 40 inch TV is based on its features, build quality, and size. Vision provides high-quality led televisions and smart televisions at competitive prices in Bangladesh. Customers can buy online with a 9-12 month EMI and a zero interest rate. A great website source name provides amazing vision TV products at unbeatable prices. So. You can access a wide array of home appliances with advanced technology with first-rate quality.