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Vision 55 Inch 4K LED Smart TV Price in Bangladesh 2024
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Vision 55 Inch 4K LED Smart TV Price in Bangladesh - The Best Product of Vision Brand

The Vision 55-inch-led tv bears advanced qualities that have progressed its popularity in Bangladesh and neighbouring nations. The Android operating system creates sediment for user interaction and lifetime fun and convenience. Intelligent functionalities such as Google Assistant save you a lot of trouble by executing commands from the comfort of your seat. Consequently, purchasing a vision 55-inch smart tv requires you to have detailed is not little information on the subject. What are the qualities that would draw you closer to this tv set? Follow through to find out more together with the available vision 55-inch smart tv price in Bangladesh.

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Full Specifications and Review of 4K Vision 55 Inch Smart TV Brand in Bangladesh

Dolby surrounds sound

Dolby Technology borrows from the human auditory system for processing audio. Dolby Digital reduces the amount of data necessary to manufacture high-quality audio while maintaining the vital quantity of data to ensure better fidelity by concentrating on masking, eliminating, and reducing noise. It also pioneered surround styles such as Dolby Atmos Dolby Digital Surround, and Dolby Digital EX, among others. The advantages of Dolby Digital include convenient software access, popular software options, and great stereo for music and films. Dolby Digital's code is thought to be quite efficient, allowing it to operate at a lower bit rate. You get a cinematic experience as you play videos.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant accepts both text and voice input and will continue the conversation regardless of which method you use. Control your smart home and your devices. Its simple layout leads you to quick information access, and you can easily navigate through various apps, stream videos, and change TV settings. Android TVs also support multitasking, so you can watch the news or play music while perusing channels. You can manage your music, play games, access information online, and read notifications. It can also execute commands such as reducing volume or adjusting brightness.

MVA and ADS technology

Protrusions in MVA displays define the starting path of the LC particles' switching behaviour in advance. These protrusions can be found on the interface between the orientation and liquid crystal layers. Each pixel is made up of three dots, each for the primary colours that can be mixed. Each of them has two or four dots that define various modulation directions. These substructures for the LCs with various modulation directions enhance the viewing angle reliance.

ADS (Advanced Switch)

Manufacturers to create 4K and 8K resolution screens, that are used in high-end televisions. It has the following benefits: Improved rigidity – the screen is extra rigid, as evidenced by pushing on it. And if it's a touchscreen screen, it already has a defensive glass that safeguards the screen from destruction. Increased illumination – the backlight determines the overall brightness; a brighter backlight increases the overall screen brightness. Increased contrast ratio.

Android Television

The primary goal of Vision android is to bring the privileges of your smartphone to the television. But it's all about navigation, entertainment, and simple interactivity. It's all about trying to make your TV intelligent and doing so with a user-friendly interface. There are essential entertainment apps available, and Android app developers can adapt applications for the big screen encounter. It can range from information services such as weather to gaming. Android TV allows you to quickly tailor the content on your TV according to your preferences. The entire television has a voice-activated search strategy, which you can access through one remote with a constructed mic. Its straightforward design leads you to quick content.

4K Resolution

The first advantage of native 4K resolution TVs is that their images have more precision and sharpness. Their 3840x2160 pixel numbers are four times that of the full HD images most of us are accustomed to. Every hair on the skin, the motion of the wind, the beauty of the sky, the pace of animals running, the dew drops on the grass, and every star in the dark; all comes into focus. Something HD sets cannot achieve. Ensure that the content is 4K quality to get the best results. Another noticeable advantage is that the extra pixels make images appear deeper. Even some individuals who have seen a 4K long-distance shot have confused it for the glasses-free 3-D model. 4K TVs already are marketing very well for new technological innovation. Estimates for another two years indicate explosive growth.

DLED technology

It is a shortened name for the Direct LED backlight type, where all of the diodes on the display are mounted. There is no distinction between DLED and LED screens; they are identical. DLED means that the backlit display is behind the screen rather than on the screen's edges. Instead of acting as a backlight, the LED displays generate images.

Ultra-slim technology.

The aspect shifts how a light engine generates a projected image. By modifying a projection technique commonly found in data projectors. It allows for a TV context of 10 inch on a 44 inch screen and 11.25 inch on a 50 inch screen. Because the image displays on a screen, a negligible bezel is possible. It enlarges the picture to the TV cabinet edges. Reduced bezel width allows for greater screen size in a tinier TV cabinet, a highly desired consumer need.


  • Android 9.0
  • Super MVA Panel Technology
  • CPU 1GHZ processor
  • RAM-2.25 GB; ROM 16GB
  • Built-in Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Google Assistant feature
  • GPU Mali450 Quad-core
  • Two 10-watt speakers
  • Enhanced PFC and EMI circuit
  • Built-In Google Chrome and Play store
  • 4-year warranty
  • Wall mountain
  • 4K resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • USB & HDMI supported
  • Device display settings
  • Cast-cast on mobile on screen
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound system
  • The package includes a warranty card, a manual, a wall mount, a remote with 2 batteries, a surge protector and a base stand.


I am sure there is something that has sparked your interest since the vision 55-inch smart tv has charms difficult to resist. The Android features have won my heart since convenience is at the root of the entire technology. In this time and age, we have to let our minds and bodies rest especially when it's screen time. You can relax intentionally since the Vision smart tv has paved way for you. Enjoy a cinematic experience with the 4K photography resolution and Dolby digital functionalities. It will not be a wonder if you begin missing home as soon as you step out of the house; the thrill grows on you. The Vision 55 led tv prices in Bangladesh vary from 60,000 to 105,00 based on the release version and item code. I would not say there is much of a difference between the television sets since the ground specs are common. They are4K, Smart, 55-inch, ultra-slim, and pocket-friendly. If you want the best deals on vision-led smart tv 55 price in Bangladesh 2022 please visit the best source showroom. Their customer support and priority for 100 percent high-quality products will exuberate you.