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Mi 55 inch TV price in Bangladesh
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The Best Mi TV 55 Inch TV Price in Bangladesh

We are living in times when finding a television that fits your budget and living space, no matter how large or squeezed it is, is easier than ever. Xiaomi has much of the budget and midrange TV segments in Bangladesh covered. The brand's play in the country's affordable space has been outstandingly successful. The Mi TV range is largely defined by big screens, thoughtful software, plenty of innovative features, and discrete designs. The Mi TV 5X is the brand's latest addition to its affordable TV lineup. Together with the new innovative features and upgrades including an array of great colors, you will surely enjoy great value for the money. Check out for the best Mi  55 inch LED TV price in Bangladesh.

Available Sizes of Mi Price in Bangladesh

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Mi TV Models

Xiaomi 4k TV A2 55″

Xiaomi TV A2 4k 43″

Xiaomi TV A2 FHD 43″

Xiaomi TV A2 32″

Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV

Xiaomi Mi 4s 55 Inch 4K Android Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

XIAOMI Mi 4A- 43 inch LED HD Smart & Android TV with Netflix-Global Version (Model-4A)

XIAOMI Mi 4S-55 inch 4K LED HD Smart & Android TV with Netflix-Global Version (Model-4S)

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Description and Specifications

Great picture quality

The overall picture quality is great, with vibrant colors and decent contrast. Anyone would likely be satisfied with the picture quality. Mostly, it is as good as it gets when it comes to the quality of its picture as the television excels at this area. You will love it for its perfect resolution too. The Mi TV 55 Inch can output at 4K resolution and its supports two HDR formats, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. Be assured that the HDR does so much in enhancing the viewing experience. You will be able to watch every HDR-compatible content while you enjoy a wide variety of colors and deeper highlights.

Sound and Connections

It boasts of rated sound output of 40W. It also has support for Dolby Atmos together with the DTS-HD through its 2-speaker system. One of the HDMI ports supports the HDMI ARC. Similarly, there is dual-band Wi-Fi ac as well as Bluetooth 5 for connectivity. The lower part of the back of the television has two sets of inputs and ports. One set faces downwards while the other set faces to the left of the screen. The ports that face downwards include the Ethernet, composite AV input, antenna port, and optical audio output. The 3.5mm audio out socket, three HDMI 2.1 ports, and two USB ports face to the left.

Design and Specifications

Initially known as F, the brand has been changed to Xiaomi and the new models bear the Xiaomi logo, unlike the previous models that bear the Mi logo. The logo is on a silver strip and right below it lies the module that has the power button and a few indicator lights. Apart from the bottom of the screen, the rest of the borders around the screen are a bit slimmer. It is a design that when coupled with its silver color gives it a distinctive look. The Mi TV 5X is reasonably well built. It looks really good for television within its price range. The TV can be stand-mounted or wall-mounted. For stand mounting, you use the metal stand that comes with the television. For wall mounting, you will need a VESA-compatible kit.

OS and Apps

This model comes with the Android TV 10 already installed. The good news is that using the OS is pretty straightforward. The operating system feels stress-free. All the apps are nicely arranged on the TV's home screen, which makes them easily accessible. Device preferences are easy to find. Navigating the apps and opening them is amazingly easy. Likewise, you can download more apps on top of the ones that already exist. You simply use your Google account to sign in to the play store where you will find all the apps you need. When you click on any app, there is no delay. The TV is fast, thanks to its quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It also enjoys a large storage capacity of 8GB.


Besides its great looks and features, the Mi TV 55 Inch is well equipped and delivers a pleasant viewing experience. Its sound and picture performance are very good. It gives you the experience of a big-screen television. It also does a great job across content types and resolutions. This television is best considered for top-quality content and is made for an enjoyable experience. The picture gives you a gentle, easygoing tone and colors that ate refined and impactful. The picture is also sharp with details. It gives you a sense of smoothness to the Ultra-HD content. The Dolby Vision content looks better through brightness and contrast.

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Final Verdict

There are lots of great televisions that you can get on a budget. They are advanced and offer great features. You can maximize your entertainment by getting one of these televisions from The Mi TV 55 Inch comes with some good features that anyone who loves the best quality would adore. It will give you the experience of a big screen television and help you take your entertainment to a whole new level. There are plenty of other options availed on the site so that you have enough options from which you can make a choice. Take your time to go through the site and make a selection.