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Mi TV 32 inch price in Bangladesh
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Good Deals for Mi TV 32 Inch Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi has never disappointed in the wide range of televisions it offers. The latest mi TV 32 inches models have embraced amazing features like picture quality, doubly sounds and digital connectivity, etc. It further elevates users' experience by including smartphone-ready features, contrast enhancers, WIFI, and digital noise reduction. Be sure to experience a cinematic and 3d viewing with this model. With many brands of mi TV 32 inch price in Bangladesh, it can be pretty tricky to choose a suitable one for you. Below is a complete guide to help you get a budget-friendly Mi TV 32 Inch price in Bangladesh.

Key Features

Smart connection

A Mi TV 32 inches is not limited to just watching, it is designed with in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connection. With an internet connection, one can enjoy their favorite streams like YouTube, Netflix, Prime video, etc. You can also enjoy online games, music, videos, web browsing, and Google apps.

HD Resolution

Min 32 Inch LED TV price in Bangladesh Features many layers of color which are responsible for crispy quality images. This fantastic TV also displays 3-dimensional images which are vivid and lively with help of 720p. These properties make it suitable for sports watching, movie watching, web streaming, online gaming, and YouTube.

Screen Mirroring

Scroll through the contents of your phone on the 32 Inch screen TV by use of a digital remote controller. Mi tv 32 Inch features a smartphone-ready interface through which a smartphone can be linked. You can visit your favorite apps like the play store, Google, contacts, messages, logs, and many more.

Hook ups

Inputs are an essential feature for any TV usually located on the back or the side of a screen. This brand features 3 HDMI inputs; for connecting gaming consoles, earphones, etc.  Furthermore, it features 2 USB ports for connecting external hard drives and storage for pictures, video, and music viewing.

Slim design

You would love the Mi TV 32 Inch compact and slim design. This tv weighs about 3.77 kg; this implies that it can comfortably be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. Moreover, the slim design adds to the TV's attractiveness and hence can blend in perfectly where placed.

Digital Remote controller

Mi tv remote is made with 11 buttons and can be operated at a distance. This is a universal remote working from every direction which means you don't have to point it directly at the TV. The remote also includes special buttons for accessing Netflix, YouTube, Prime videos, and HBO.

Google search

This impressive feature makes the operations of the Mi tv much easier. Through Google search, the Tv can receive voice commands from a range of up to 3 meters. You can also ask your questions and receive compatible answers through the tv screen.

Quality speaker

Mi 32 Inch tv is enhanced with dual quality and powerful speakers of 5W each. The Xiaomi Tv embraces Dolby Stereo and DTS sounds for lively movies, series, games, and music. The sounds are also 3D dimensional and thus can be heard clearly and evenly in every Connor of a room.

Additional features

  2. 60Hz fresh rates
  3. A lot of Free videos
  4. Energy saver Features
  5. Monthly software updates
  6. Digital noise reduction
  7. Frameless design


Mi tv 4A 32 Inch price in Bangladesh

The 32inch mi 4A series is very affordable and well-featured. This is an android Tv supporting screen mirroring, Bluetooth, and wifi connection. Moreover, it has adopted the LCD technology for clear and crispy images even in bright rooms. It further supports the streaming of YouTube, HBO, Netflix, Chromecast, and UVM.

Mi tv 4s 32 Inch price in Bangladesh

Despite its exotic features and functionality, the Mi tv 4s 32 Inch price in Bangladesh is quite affordable. This smart android tv includes a digital remote controller that is easy to operate. Like most Mi TVs it includes 3 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs. It also features 2RAM and 8GB storage.

Mi p1 32 Inch price in Bangladesh

Mi P1 32 Inch features a built-in Miracast, Airplay, DLN, WiDi, and Chromecast for direct access to phone contents. Thanks to the HD resolution of 1366 X 768 this Tv model supports clear and crisp images. Clear and smooth video quality is made possible by refresh rates of 60Hz.

Factors to consider when buying Mi Tv 32 inch

Number of Pixels

The picture quality of a TV usually depends on the number of pixels it accommodates. The more pixel it supports the sharper the image and also its quality. Also TV with higher resolution display more lively pictures as compared to others. Most Xiaomi 32inch TVs have a resolution of 720p.

Ease of use

Some TVs have complicated and exotic features making their operations quite difficult ending up frustrating the user. It is therefore advised to choose a Tv that is easy to use, user manuals are also very important when purchasing a Tv.

Refresh rates

Refresh rates entail the number of times a picture is refreshed on a screen usually per second. The faster the refresh rates the better the video and picture quality. The standard refresh rate for TVs is 60Hz. Some models include High-Frame Rate to accommodate contents that have higher refresh rates.

Smart Features

TVs nowadays are not limited to just watching. They can be used as phones and computers. If you are planning to use Tv in multiple ways then go for one with enough smart features. These features include WIFI, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity. Apps like; Netflix, browser, Amazon Video, and YouTube.  


Xiaomi 32 Inch Tv is the best choice for sports watches, home viewing, and also gaming. It addresses perfectly all the issues of; resolution, Panel quality, picture quality, and smart features among many others. This smart Tv is easy to operate featuring Google search and a convenient digital remote controller. Mi tv 4A  32 Inch price in Bangladesh and the Mi Tv 4S is quite inexpensive. is a store in Bangladesh offering the best quality Xiaomi TV at considerate prices. This article has discussed the Top Mi 32 Inch TV in Bangladesh to help you discover a suitable and affordable Tv.