• Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV
Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV
  • Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV

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Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV

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Xiaomi MI TV 43 Inch Price In Bangladesh - Global Version MI 4S 43 Inch 4K UHD Android Smart TV

Xiaomi's latest Mi 43" One of the biggest TVs from the Chinese manufacturer is the 4K High Definition Smart Tv. You can enjoy yourself while seeing anything you want with a 43-inch screen. The new Xiaomi TV also offers 4K HDR resolutions which offer excellent clarity.

Another of the newest Xiaomi Mi Tv 4S 43's most appealing features is its incredible integration. This allows you to use your new TV's Wi-Fi, high-speed Ethernet, and Bluetooth v4.2 connections to connect it to anything you like. Additionally, it offers a straightforward Google Assistant connection and has Chromecast, allowing you to effortlessly connect to your smartphone.

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Mi 4S 43 Inch LED TV

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Additionally, it offers a straightforward interface with Google Assistant together with Chromecast embedded, allowing you to connect to your smartphone directly. Additionally, it offers voice control, allowing you to easily find whatever you need with its microphone and use it in any setting. You can find out more if you scroll below, plus the best mi tv 43 inch prices in Bangladesh.

Pros of Global Version Xiaomi MI 4S 43 Inch 4K UHD Android Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

Special Patch Wall OS

The majority of Mi televisions use this operating system with several endearing advantages. One of the newest features is User Centre. It enables users to designate a unique area within PatchWall for content, complete with a personalized watch list and suggestions based on user liking. The second important component, the Immersive Carousel, enhances the aesthetics of the posters contained inside the content recommendations.

The simplicity of use

Mi android TV is easy to use and learn. The home screen or main screen is what you see when you turn on your television. You move across rows from left to right as it is filled with vertical rows. The Material Discovery bar, which is on the top row, features recommended content from well-known apps you use.

Since Android OS is a popular smartphone operating system in the nation, using an Android TV immediately puts you in a comfortable setting. Its straightforward design puts you on the right track for speedy information access, and you can effortlessly switch between different apps, stream videos, and adjust TV settings. With the help of smart LED TV, you may multitask while listening to the news.

Voice lookup

Once you have the required hardware that will allow Mi smart Tv to hear you, it allows voice commands. You can use voice-activated searches throughout the full user interface by using one-click remote controls with an integrated microphone. Just click it to launch your search.


Smart televisions powered by Android are interoperable with other Android gadgets. You can smoothly synchronize your TV with any smartphones or tablets you may have, thanks to this incredible technology.

Additionally, you can use the built-in Chromecast to stream media like pictures, music, and films from other devices to your TV. Additionally, you can use the remote function of your Android phone to browse and navigate the material on your Mi android TV.

Access 5000+ apps

A major advantage of Android TV is the availability of content. You can use it to access practically all of the Android applications you have installed on your phone. You have direct access to a multitude of materials from the Playstore, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and your favourite gaming apps. You also have access to apps made specifically for each manufacturer. For instance, you can utilize the Select option to view material made accessible for your mi tv 43 inch tv directly.


Gamers can play Games on Android TV in single-player, multiplayer, online, and offline modes. When fighting against friends, you can utilize up to four controllers, and Android phones simultaneously.

Because Google Play Games maintains your progress, you may complete a round on your smartphone and move on to the next on your TV.

Specs of MI 4S 43 Inch 4K Android Smart TV in Bangladesh (BD)

Powerful stereo speakers

It makes use of DTS Virtual X and Dolby technologies. They use the auditory system as a model when processing audio. By focusing on masking, removing, and reducing noise, Dolby Digital lowers the amount of data required to produce high-quality audio while keeping the essential quantity to assure improved fidelity.

Dolby Digital's benefits include easy software access, well-liked software alternatives, and excellent audio for music and movies. Dolby Digital is able to deal with low bit rates because of what is believed to be very efficient coding. When you play videos, you watch a movie.

Resolution in 4K

The images on 4K resolution Televisions are more precise and sharp, which is their initial advantage. The surroundings, the people, and everything else are brought into sharp focus. Finding any game-related bugs is helpful for players, and it's fun to ride along while watching a movie. To achieve the greatest results, make sure the content has 4K quality.

The additional pixels also give photos a deeper appearance, which is another visible benefit. Even some viewers of a 4K huge margin mistook it for the eyewear three-dimensional version.

As a result of their excellent marketing for cutting-edge technology, 4K TVs already show astronomical growth potential.

Bezel Design

It is the area around the screen on the outside of a gadget. This phrase has historically been used in the jewellery market, but it has progressively spread to the tech sector as well. The border around the picture is the simplest way to visualize the bezel.

The need for physical protection is among the main justifications for including a bezel on a product. Modern smartphone owners frequently invest in additional gear like strong plastic covers or shields because a screen without a bezel seems excessively easy to break by dropping.

A based control system for a device can also be mounted on the bezel.

It is crucial for various gadgets since the user intends to view the settings on the device's face rather than having to search on the side or back.

Four core Processor A-55

A CPU that combines performance and power economy is the Arm Cortex-A55 processor. The processor is a member of the first generation of Dynamic-based application CPUs and has the most recent Armv8-A architecture extensions as well as instructions specifically designed for machine learning.

The microarchitecture system of the Cortex-A55 has been completely rebuilt, which optimizes performance while maintaining a very high level of power and area efficiency. The adaptable Cortex-A55 was created to be an incredibly scalable CPU and may be utilized to serve a multitude of uses with diverging needs.

  • Screen Size 43''
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 X 1080
  • Operating System: PatchWall with Android T
  • 8GB Storage 1GB RAM
  • Audio Output: 10 W X 2
  • USB: 2 X USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 5000+ Apps


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