Vision 43 Smart TV price in Bangladesh

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Buy Vision 43 Inch Smart TV In Bangladesh at a Reasonable Price

In this era, Smart TVs have dominated the liquid-crystal display (LCD) TVs. They are an improvement with greater image and sound quality and are lighter with a flat screen. Although Smart TVs are a type of LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV, they have classic features compared to an ordinary Light Emitting Diode TV. Many TV brands like Vision, Sony, LG, and Samsung are now focusing on producing different types of Smart TVs.

Focusing on the Vision 43 inch Smart TV price in Bangladesh, the prices are different concerning the varying features of the television. Vision Smart TV gives the best experience in watching and gaming too. Smart TVs are widely used in Bangladesh, especially in the urban areas. Many electronic shops in Bangladesh have engaged themselves in selling smart TVs either physically or online.

Why Choose Vision Smart TV?

While there are many TV brands available, why should you consider Vision? This is an amazing brand that provides high-quality TVs. Vision Smart TV is an android television that has Dolby audio and a slim and frameless screen with High Definition (HD) resolution.

Since Vision Smart TV is supported by android, you can listen to and watch movies from any service that you like for example YouTube and Netflix. It also comes in handy with the manufacturer’s manual which is useful when setting up your television. Vision Smart TV comes in different screen sizes measured in inches for instance Vision 43 inch Smart TV.

It is a free-to-air television streaming several English-language channels across the whole world. It has several HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports that enable you to connect your television to other external devices for audio and video output. Vision Smart TV is available in the market hence you can conveniently purchase it from electronic shops.

Features Of Vision 43 Inch Smart TV

There are a lot of impressive features to fancy about this smart TV. These top features you will enjoy include the following:

  1. Vision 43 inch smart TV has Bluetooth
  2. It has a big screen of 43 inches – a bigger viewing surface offers a great watching experience.
  3. It has optimized connectivity – has a quality connection to the internet when roaming. It has wireless connectivity.
  4. It is an android TV
  5. It is an HD TV – that has a 1080p High Definition resolution screen giving razor-sharp picture quality.
  6. It has Dolby audio – it has a great sound quality similar to the one in the cinemas.
  7. It has a slim and frameless design – being slim makes the TV light and easy to mount on the wall. The frameless design uses a super-slim bezel thus getting rid of distractions. It gives a better view and a great gaming experience.
  8. It contains E-share – the TV can be linked to your smartphone and control your TV from your smartphone like using your phone as a remote control.
  9. Vision 43 inch Smart TV has HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input – this allows you to connect other components like video game consoles or sound bars to your TV.
  10. It has a storage capacity of 8GB ROM (Read-Only Memory) internal storage and 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory).
  11. The Smart TV has an In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology which shows more accurate colors, rich image quality, and excellent screen visibility from any angle.
  12. It has a brightness of 280 cd/m2 – high brightness improves the visibility of pictures on the screen by making the dark color light.
  13. It has a remote control to help in operating certain features in the television.

Price List Of Vision 43 Inch Smart TV In Bangladesh

Vision 43 inch Smart TV price in Bangladesh is not constant, the price varies due to the TV size, different features, or the Android version. Vision LED TV 43 price in Bangladesh is different depending on the seller’s shop. Below is a price list of Vision 43 inch Smart TV in Bangladesh:

  • Vision 43″ 4K Android Smart TV– 38,500 BDT.
  • Vision 43” Smart FHD TV T-01 – 50,000 BDT.
  • VISION 43″ 4K LED TV Google Android 4K– 37.999 BDT.
  • VISION 43″ LED TV Google Android 4K G3S Galaxy– 39,920 BDT.
  • Vision 43” LED TV X40 Smart Panaroma– 37,900 BDT.

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Vision 43 inch Smart TV price in Bangladesh has been fairly given in; their prices are not hiked. It gives all the details of the television; its features, brand name, and price. This makes it easy for the customer to conclude about the Smart TV he or she wants. offers contacts that customers can reach to them in case of any queries concerning their products or services.

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Vision 43 Smart TV price in Bangladesh

LED TV Models Price
Vision 43 inch LED TV X40 Smart Panaroma ৳ 36,465

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Vision 43 inch 4K Smart TV price in Bangladesh differs in every electronic and electric shop but the difference is minimal. The different features in the Vision 43″ Smart TVs affect their prices. Advanced features like more HD resolution, frame design, and android version increase the Vision 43” Smart TV price in Bangladesh. 43 inch Vision TV is very convenient, you will have the best watching and gaming experience.

Do not forget to check the manufacturer’s manual when setting up your Vision 43 inch Smart TV for efficiency. Always ensure that you have a warranty for any electrical appliance that you purchase to get you covered in case of technical problems. It is recommended that you buy your Vision Smart TV from a trusted supplier or shop like Why not get yourself a Vision 43 inch Smart TV today and enjoy incredible entertainment.