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Walton 1 Ton AC price in Bangladesh
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Shop for Walton AC Online at the best prices in Bangladesh at Ponnobd. Get home delivery, free installation, and a brand warranty on purchasing a Walton air conditioner in Bangladesh from our store. Shoppers can choose Walton AC 1 Ton, Walton AC 1.5 Ton, Walton AC 2 Ton with Walton Inverter AC, and Walton Split AC at discount prices. You can buy this AC EMI system for Up to 12 months from our verified seller. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Walton AC Online from Ponnobd and get a discount on the price of Walton AC in Bangladesh with the convenience of delivery anywhere across the country. Walton AC Price in Bangladesh (Updated October 2022) Lowest Walton AC Price in Bangladesh starts from 34,000 BDT. At the same time, the Highest Price of Walton AC is 83,590 Taka (Bangladeshi) at Ponnobd online marketplace.

Walton 1 ton ac price in Bangladesh

Are you want to Buy Walton AC in Bangladesh in 2023? Let's you can buy 1 ton AC. Walton 1 ton AC price is 45,500 Taka in Bangladesh. You can buy the Best Air conditioner From your local city also. Some shops give annual AC offers. Walton is the best AC in the marketplace.

How many type AC has Walton had?

Walton has five types of AC.
  1. Window-Type AC.
  2. Wall-type or Split-type AC.
  3. Cassette-Type AC.
  4. Celling-Type AC
  5. Duct-Type AC.
Walton 1-ton AC is a Wall type/ Split-type AC. Walton 1.5 ton ac price a new AC unit. One-ton AC is a common type of air conditioner ac on systems that work well in inverter air conditioners. 

Essential Features of Walton 1-ton air conditioner. 

  1. This air conditioner has Cooling Cooling capacity is 3517,
  2.  Watts: 3517 Watts (12000 BTU/hr) 
  3. You Buy Walton air conditioner which COP: 3.011
  4. Input Power (Watts): 1170
  5. Air Circulation (m3/h): 550
  6. Compressor Type: Rotary (Inverter)
  7. Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temperature): 200C – 460C
  8. Indoor Fin Type: Louver Fin
  9. Outdoor Fin Type Slit Fin
  10. Maximum Pipe Length: 5m


  1. Modes Turbo Mode (Maximum Cooling): Yes
  2. ECO Mode (Power Saving): Yes
  3. Auto Operation: Yes
  4. Walton 1 ton ac price in Bangladesh
  5. Dry Mode: Yes
  6. Fan Mode: Yes
  7. Speed Setting: Yes (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
  8. Auto Restart Yes
  9. Comfort Cooling Yes
  10. Timer Yes
  11. Sleep Yes

Air Deflection

  1. Auto UP-Down Swing: Yes
  2. Auto Left-Right Swing: Yes
  3. Remote Control
  4. Display Type: LCD
  5. Operation/Control: Via IR (Infrared Rays)
  6. Child Lock: Yes
  7. Temperature Unit Change: Yes (16​0C to 310C)


  1. Indoor (mm) [LXWXH]: Unit: 844x296x210
  2. Packing: 910X365X285
  3. Outdoor (mm) [LXWXH]: Unit: 721x320x552
  4. Packing: 825X365X630
  5. Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 11±0.5
  6. Gross Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 13±0.5
  7. Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg): 27±1
  8. Gross Weight (outdoor) (Kg): 30±1

How to Choose Walton AC For Home/Office?

Now you can easily calculate AC ton / BTU by using Walton AC Ton Calculator. Which calculator is (Especially for Bangladeshi users)? Now you can understand Which ton of AC will be perfect for your home. If your room is big, you can buy Ceiling Type AC. These are usually used in use offices.

Conclusion of Walton AC.

By all kinds of information. Walton air conditioner price in Bangladesh in 2022 and 2023 is reasonable with the best Products. 

Buy Walton 1.0 Ton AC on Ponnobd Electronics

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